Eritrean leaders desperate for the UN to lift the sanctions
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Eritrean leaders desperate for the UN to lift the sanctions

Tigrai Online, Sept. 25, 2017

Ethiopian Broadcasting yellow journalism’s
Osman Mohammed Saleh, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Eritrea giving a speech at the United Nations General Assembly on 23 September 2017



Osman Mohammed Saleh, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Eritrea is quoted as saying the following to the United Nations General Assembly on 23 September 2017. “Eritrea strongly believes that its political, economic, social and diplomatic path would be smoother and easier if external obstacles that have been put on its path were removed. It therefore once again calls on the United Nations Security Council to lift the unfair and unjust sanctions imposed on it for the past nine years. There is no justification for them to continue and they do not serve any useful purpose,” Translation, if the United Nation lift the sanctions and help us with our economy we will reduce our support to the terror groups in the region.

The desperation of the PFDJ group is apparent from the speech of one of the leaders of the group who is ruining the tiny Horn of Africa nation permanently.

The anguished Mohammed Saleh seems to beg the leaders of the international community to rescue his group as if he knows the end is nearing for his group. Eritrea’s economy is being devastated by the threat of war with its much larger neighbor Ethiopia.

There has been much hype about billions of dollars to be invested to the Eritrean economy when the dictatorial PFDJ group leased the port of Assab to some Middle Eastern countries for military use, but in reality the only thing it brought was more anger and potentially a military action from Ethiopia to neutralize the threat to its national interest and sphere of influence. The Arabs know it well if Ethiopia wishes it will take less than a month to remove the brutal government in Asmara.



After Qatar verses Saudi Arabia diplomatic raw and the Qatari withdrew their peacekeepers from the border of Djibouti and Eritrea, Eritrea’s relationship with the Arab countries is at its lowest point. The reason, the PFDJ leaders flip-flop following petro dollar was exposed and most the Arab countries don’t see them as viable and reliable allies.

On the other hand a long time supporter of Eritrea Egypt is losing hope on Eritrea. This poor small nation can not do much to stop Ethiopia from completing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – GERD. The Egyptians are skipping the PFDJ group altogether for the job destabilization of Ethiopia, instead their choosing to deal with the terrorist groups themselves directly. As the PFDJ group’s usefulness to Egypt is becoming more and more irrelevant, the amount of money they use to get from Egypt and the Arabs is reduced proportionally hence desperation of PFDJ intensify by ten fold. Desperate situations lead to desperate actions the EPRDF government should watch this wounded organization which is totally rejected by its own people because it might mount one more hopeless try to attack Ethiopia.


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