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Some Eritreans are taking advantage of Ethiopia and Ethiopians again

One of Tigrai Online readers think so

By A.B. Concerned Citizen
Tigrai Online, Oct. 24, 2014

Ethiopians in Washington D.C. demonstrate in support of the Ethiopian flag
Are some Shabiya agents taking advantage of Ethiopian people's generosity?

The following letter was sent to Tigrai Online from one concerned Ethiopian in Houston, Texas on Thursday November 23, 2014. We usually don't publish letters like this because this kind of messages might create a backlash against innocent Eritrean refugees or peaceful Eritreans living in Ethiopia. We have received a number of them over the years and we ignored almost all of them. However we decided to publish this one and see what the general Ethiopian public reaction might be. Do you see this kind of attitude in Eritreans around you?

Dear Tigrai Online Editor, I’m a concerned Ethiopian Diaspora living in the United States.

I live in the metropolitan Houston area.

I am a supporter of the Ethiopian government and I'm writing this email to you because I believe yours is a good channel for my point to get across. I was also thinking to write this letter to the ministry of Internal Affairs in Ethiopia.

My message is about young and middle age Eritreans that I interact with here in the Houston-Dallas area. I always believe that I am good friends with them but the love is not reciprocated on their side. I try to preach about brotherhood but they always are negative about Ethiopia and especially the Ethiopian government.

However, the paradox is that as soon as they get a US citizenship, they fly to Addis Ababa and most are trying to do business in our country. I am not against the basic idea rather the intent and whatever they do should be out of love.

How can we let people with ill intentions get into our country and loot our poor people in Ethiopia?

They have a bad reputation for this kind of behavior and seem to have not learned from their past mistake. They can easily assimilate in Ethiopia because of their shared name, language and looks. Most of them say they are from Tigrai and some actually grew up in Addis and got deported during the border war. However, nobody checks their background when they enter Ethiopia so they present themselves as Ethiopian Diaspora returning back home. This is a major loophole we have to feel in, I believe. 

This feeling is shared by many of my friends who live in London United Kingdom and the Washington D.C., Mary land and Virginia area here in the United States of America. I believe we need our community to know about this and our foolish attitude 'we are one people and brothers' is being taken advantage of. To our surprise, some even feel entitled to make money in Ethiopia more than us the Ethiopians ourselves.

Please try to disseminate this info through your website as much as you can.


Concerned Citizen


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