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Breaking News: Eritrea to send delegation to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tigrai Online, June 20, 2018

Eritrean, President Isaias Afwerki announced today, Wednesday June 20, 2018 his regime will send delegation to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Eritrean, President Isaias Afwerki announced today, Wednesday June 20, 2018 his regime will send delegation to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Eritrean dictator said he is dispatching his delegation to Addis Ababa to study the current situation in Ethiopia deeply and directly, God knows what exactly that means. Isaias didn’t indicate his regime’s acceptance of Abiy’s invitation to take sovereign Ethiopian land or he didn’t mention the implementation of the Algiers peace agreement. The newly appointed prime minister of Ethiopia announced two weeks ago the EPRDF Executive Committee has accepted the Algiers peace agreement without any precondition. Both the Meles and Hailemariam governments accepted the Algiers peace agreement in principle, but they insisted in a five point dialogue first.

There is no doubt the American government especially the U.S.A spy agencies are directly working in this issue. Isaias said, the United States past three administrations, means the two Bush terms and the Obama administrations had wrong policy. The year and half old Trump administration has started to correct the misguided policies of the previous two administrations an that is why he is now interested to look the developments in Ethiopia he said. The above statement by Isaias is loaded, but what and to what extent is the CIA’s involvement in the current disastrous developments in Ethiopia we don’t know yet.

Judging from his speech the Eritrean dictator seemed triumphant that the CIA is pressuring TPLF/EPRDF to resolve the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea not to the benefit of both countries, but to the long term strategic national interest of the United States of America.


The only way long lasting peace will come to the people in the border is, when they sit and talk by themselves. Trump will not bring peace or Abiy will not bring peace to Eritreans and Tigraians in the border villages. They are master minding a nightmare between the local people concocted by Gedu and his friends and trust me Gedu and his friends don’t care if the people in the border are wiped out.

What are you waiting for Tigrai people? It is time to beat the drums, blow the horns and ring the Church bells to summon the brave men and women of Tigrai to stand guard and defend our ancestral land.

A stern and lethal warning to those who are conspiring to cede our land ignoring the Tigrai people’s concern, you will live to regret the day you made this terrible treasonous decision. The fire Gedu is so desperately trying to start against the Tigrai people will consume you and your expansionist dream will disappear when the country disintegrates for good.

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Eritrean, President Isaias Afwerki announced today, Wednesday June 20, 2018 his regime will send delegation to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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