The Trump administration slaps new sanctions on Eritrea
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The Trump administration slaps new sanctions on Eritrea

Tigrai Online, April 2, 2017

The Trump administration slaps new sanctions on Eritrea
The U.S. government has placed new sanctions on Eritrea after it was found out the rouge Eritrean government was buying military equipment from North Korea.


The US government has placed new sanctions on Eritrea after it was found out the rouge Eritrean government was breaking the United Nations sanctions against Eritrea many years ago and renewed every year.

Apparently the Eritrean regime has been buying military equipment from it’s evil twin, the North Korean regime. The transaction between the two regimes has been going on for year through a third party in China.

According to a United Nations Security Council report from February 17, 2017 the military shipments from North Korea to Eritrea were disguised as computer equipment for assembly purposes. The 45 boxes filled with military equipment listed a small computer assembly company in Asmara as the recipient.

This what the United Nations Security Council report said about the Eritrean and South Korean engagement.

Shipment of military communications materiel to Eritrea 72. The Panel investigated the July 2016 interdiction reported by a Member State of an air shipment suspected to be in violation of the resolutions. The shipment originated in China and was destined for a company in Eritrea, Eritech Computer Assembly & Communications Technology PLC (see annex 8-1), according to airway bills.  Given the involvement of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the cargo’s manufacture and logistics, the Panel concluded that it had violated the arms embargo (paragraph 9 of resolution 1874 (2009)).

Inspection 73. The Panel inspected the consignment of 45 boxes and determined that the contents were military radio communications products and related accessories, including high-frequency software-defined radios, crypto-speaker microphones, GPS antennas, high-frequency whip antennas, clone cables, camouflaged rucksacks and carry-pouch (see figure 23 and annex 8-2). Certain boxes and articles were labelled “Glocom”, and almost all of the items had been advertised by the company Global Communications Co (Glocom) on its website (see annex 8-2)

The UN report about the transaction between Eritrea and North Korea is long but the above is enough to show what the UN found out.

Now the United States government has placed new sanctions and specifically the Eritrean navy is targeted.

When a US Senior State Department Official was asked about the sanctions against Eritrea he said the following.

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL ONE: Whether – in the release we talked about 30 foreign entities and individuals in 10 countries. So the entities would be from Burma, China, Eritrea, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE, North Korea, and Iran. We can provide you a specific list, but they’re also in the Federal Register notice that came out today.
OPERATOR: And once again, ladies and gentlemen, if you do need a question, please press *1 at this time. We have a question from the line of Yeganeh Torbati from Reuters. Please, go ahead.

QUESTION: Yeah, thanks. I noticed the Eritrean navy is on the list. Can you give a bit more detail as to how exactly they’re involved with this illicit trade? And is that notable for the navy of a country to be sanctioned like this?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL ONE: I really can’t get into the specifics of why entities were sanctioned.

The Eritrean government has been under sanctions for years because of its support to terrorist groups in Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan and its destabilizing the Horn of Africa.  We know the Trump administration has been adapting policies that are extremely tough on terrorism and states that support extremists. 

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