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Eritrean regime starts a new round of forced conscription even priests are not spared

Tigrai Online January 1, 2015

thousands of people are being dragged from their houses, schools and work places by a special military force in Eritrean towns including the capital city Asmara
Threee days ago six members of the Eritrean Navy have defected to Saudi Arabia with two armored high-speed military boats. The six officers surrendered to the Saudi authorities. The Red Sea Afar Organization - RSADO reported.

Thousands of people are being dragged from their houses, schools and work places by a special military force in Eritrean towns including the capital city Asmara. Sources with first hand information from within Eritrea informed Tigrai Online, the fresh conscription is carried out mainly at night. Residents of Asmara are terrified and they are doing what they can to avoid becoming cannon fodders for a regime that doesn’t care about them.

Our source said, “For some reason the regime is nervous more than ever, there is something going on in the core of the leadership. The towns and villages are empty. Business, Bars, coffee houses and the streets feel deserted. ”

A few weeks ago the UNHCR reported the number of Eritreans crossing the border and entering Ethiopia has increased by thousands a month. Those who are fleeing Eritrea are mainly from the Eritrean army and young people who finished their “Sawa” military training. Most of the Eritrean military units are empty shells because many of the soldiers have left and never come back. The Eritrean regime is running out of new people to recruit and replace the deserters.

Tension between Eritrea and it’s much larger arch enemy, Ethiopia is getting worst by the day. Ethiopian higher officials including the president and the prime minister have threatened direct military action if Eritrea interferes with the coming Ethiopian election. Last week an Eritrean agent hijacked an Ethiopian MI35 gunship helicopter and landed it in Eritrea. Ethiopians from all walks of life are angry.  Many people said the Ethiopian government may not declare a full fledged war for one helicopter but, it would definitely escalate things to the next worst level. God knows what the Ethiopian military generals are planning. Ethiopia has hundreds of thousands of soldiers, tanks, fighter jets and infantry at the border with Eritrea ready to launch a military strike at a moment’s notice.

The Eritrean people are under constant fear, confusion and uncertainty.  As the threat of war gets real the level of anxiety is becoming overwhelming among government supporters. Regime supporters are worried if war breakout with Ethiopia, there is no one to defend the capital. The Eritrean opposition groups and the average Eritreans who are tired of the fascist Eritrean gangs on the other hand would be delighted to see their tormentors destroyed.

Our sources didn’t say why the Eritrean regime seems at adage, but it is rounding up everyone who is able to walk including priests to military training centers. The new recruitment age is 13 to 60 years old.

When an earth quake, Tsunami, volcano, hurricane or any natural disaster is eminent, animals flee the area because they know instinctively they are in danger. The same phenomenon is happening in Eritrea. Many of the Ethiopian terrorists are fleeing from Eritrea because if anything happens the regime would not be able to protect them. If the government collapses the people of Eritrea will take revenge on these parasites that helped the brutal regime in their country.

We wonder what would happen if the Eritrean people were given a chance to vote on a second referendum in 2015? But then again majority of Ethiopians may not want to go through the nightmare of having Eritrea in the Federation.

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