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Sweden to deport Eritrean diplomat within 48 hours

Tigrai Onlne - September 5, 2014

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Eritrean diplomat to be deported to his country from Sweden

The Swedish government has given 48 hours the first secretary at the Eritrean embassy in Stockholm to pack up and leave. The relationship between Sweden and the tiny Horn of African country has been getting worst by the day.

In July 2014 the Swedish government announced it will arrest any high Eritrean government officials including the president of the country if they set foot in Sweden.

Eritreans who live in Sweden are delighted about the measures taken by the government of Sweden.

A couple years ago Canada expelled the Eritrean councilor general in Toronto for extorting money from Eritrean in Canada and intimidation.

Many western countries are planning adapting the same policy towards Eritrea including Australia, America and Germany.

It seems the one man regime in Asmara is stuck between a rock and a hard place. What is left now is for the Ethiopian government to take a tangible action to protect the Ethiopian people instead of beating around the bush. If Sweden, Canada and the USA can take actions in reaction to what dictatorship in Eritrea is doing, sure Ethiopia which was attacked directly by Shaebiya can do a bit more than what is been done now.

What happen to the 38 members of local administration in Sheraro town who were abducted by Shaebya in 1998? What happen to Col. Bezabih Petros the pilot who was shot down in Asmara in 1998? Did we forget four years old Eden and the Ayder school children who were murdered in cold blood by Eritrea?

Now and then Ethiopian leaders will talk tough talk but they don’t seem to back it up with action. Even the Eritrean government and its supporters are mocking Ethiopia’s empty threats. One Eritrean by the name of Fikrejesus Amahazion said about Prime Minister Haliemariam’s remarks about a month ago. While the respective statements are serious – in that they precipitously challenge, if not flagrantly violate, accepted international norms, laws, and diplomatic protocols – they do not constitute “breaking developments” per se. For example, prior to his passing, the late Meles Zenawi had similarly changed Ethiopia’s policy toward Eritrea from one based on “no war-no peace” to the active pursuit of “regime change” in Asmara. Further, the RSADO has made similar threats in the past. Rather, the developments are possibly better understood within the broader context of Ethiopia’s own internal socio-political challenges

No one is advocating all out war with the regime standing in one leg, but sever, swift and lightning military action has been long overdue against the belligerent Eritrean government. The argument Ethiopia is busy fighting poverty it could not afford to take any military action is absurd. All the development and economic progress is useless if you don’t have peace. There will not be sustainable peace in the Horn of Africa as long as Shaebiya is training, arming and sending terrorists to Ethiopia.

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