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Egypt and Eritrea changed tactics to destabilize Ethiopia

Tigrai Online - July 06, 2013

Egypt and Eritrea changed tactics to destabilize Ethiopia - Tigrai Online
Most of the Eritrean spies are from the Tigrigna speaking highlands of Eritrea. Majority of them are fluent in many Ethiopian major languages like Amharic, Oromiffa and Tigrigna.

The Egyptian and Eritrean governments have changed tactics one more time to destabilize Ethiopia.  Thousands of Eritrean Intelligence officers trained in modern propaganda warfare in Egypt and other Arab countries are spread throughout the world.

The primary goal of these highly trained spies is to assume Ethiopian identity and spread ethnic hatred based on linguistic and religious differences. The biggest and only Ethiopian threat to Egypt and Eritrea is the unity of it’s 92 million population.

With Egypt’s financing and Eritrea’s military training, they have tried to use ONLF, OLF, Gingot-7, EPPF, Islamist extremists and many more LF organizations to weaken Ethiopia and plunge it in to endless bloodshed. The military option didn’t accomplish their ultimate goal which was to destroy Ethiopia as we know it. All the terrorist groups and their Eritrean advisers were crashed one by one in the battle field.

Knowing they can’t defeat Ethiopia militarily, the Eritreans and their chief financers the Egyptians have resorted to spreading poisonous propaganda using radio, television, internet and other modern media outlets.

Most of the Eritrean spies are from the Tigrigna speaking highlands of Eritrea. Majority of them are fluent in many Ethiopian major languages like Amharic, Oromiffa and Tigrigna.  These highly trained Eritrean spies are using social media on the internet, websites and discussion forums. They get in to any of these Ethiopian media outlets pretending as members of the Ethiopian opposition or from Ethiopia’s different ethnic groups and they start spreading false news.

 Sometimes they insult one Ethiopian ethnic group pretending to be from another Ethiopian ethnic group creating hate and spreading it. For example one would pretend to be Amhara and the other would be Tigrai or Oromo and they insult each other. The true Ethiopians don’t know these are enemies trying to divide them and they become willing participants in their own destruction.

The other ways they are effectively using modern technology to create division among Ethiopians is social media like face book. One of these Eritrean spies will create a face book page to spread hate against one Ethiopian Ethnic group and many Ethiopians who are angry for one reason or the other will flood the face book page and make it very popular. Once more the Ethiopians are not aware this face book page was created by their mortal enemy. The same goes in many of the social media networks, Eritreans spies creating false Ethiopian accounts to spread hate among innocent Ethiopians.

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Sometimes they use radio stations like VOA and ESAT to call in and complain about the Ethiopian government pretending as Ethiopian, but it is an Eritrean spy doing his job paid by Egypt. ESAT TV brings guests who are paid Egyptian agents with Ethiopian names all the time, but we know most of them are Eritreans who speak Tigrigna or Amharic. You might ask why an Ethiopian media outlet would do that. The answer was provided by the Ginbot-7 CEO last week when he said on his own words that ESAT TV got 200,000 dollars from Egypt through Eritrea.

Often times you see a few people demonstrating in front of the Ethiopian embassy in London, Washington DC or any other country, 90% of these people are Eritreans organized by their spies.

Knowing all this please take your time to analyze things before you insult your fellow Ethiopian. Don’t be a tool to Egyptian and Eritrean agents.

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