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Tigrai Military Command said today the new Eritrean military offensive was beaten successfully

Tigrai Online May, 30 2022

Today May 30, 2022 the Tigrai Military Command has released a brief statement saying the Eritrean military launched a new offensive on the 24th of May against the Tigrai forces to control new strategic ground, but the Tigrai forces destroyed many of the invading Eritrean forces and beat them back. Tigrai Military Command has further said “Everyone should know that the people, government and army of Tigray will not allow the sufferings of our people to increase and be prolonged!


Getachew K Reda Advisor to the President of Tigray also tweeted the following on his Twitter page.

An offensive launched by Eritrea’s 57th and 21st divisions on the 24th of May was thwarted and the units deployed by the Isaias regime decimated after a successful counteroffensive by our forces around AdiAwalla, Tigray.

A brigade commander, three battalion commanders and more than 300 soldiers were killed and wounded. Many weapons and materiel was also captured. As part of their desperate attempt to escalate the tension and drag us into more action, they shelled Sheraro in the 28th and 29th of May.

It is clear that the regime will stop at nothing to drag the region into an interminable conflict and sabotage in real or perceived effort at peace. It behooves the International community to exert pressure on the regime to reverse course while reiterating our unwillingness to let the regime prolong the suffering of our people!


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