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Isaias Afwerki and his PFDJ generals might have stolen and hid 699 million dollars from Eritrea

Tigrai Online, February 17, 2015

Isaias Afwerki and his PFDJ generals stole and hid 699 million dollars from Eritrea

Last week 100 thousand HSBC secret bank accounts were made public by the Swiss Leaks Project. HSBC is a Swiss bank where people from around the world can deposit their money without disclosing detail information about them. Many world leaders, wealthy individuals, and organized crime groups hide their money in this bank for different reasons. Some are hiding their money to avoid paying taxes in their countries. Most Americans deposit millions of dollars in offshore accounts to where they will not be paying any taxes. People from poor countries like Eritrea are not worried about taxes, but they are hiding it from their people for rainy days.

Usually the Swiss bank account holders information is extremely hard to get even for governments. Fortunately a computer technician, Herve Falciani who used to work for HSBC blew opened the secret doors of the dubious bank.

Sixty thousand files containing 100,000 clients detail information became public. The files showed accounts held by one person and by groups.

The largest amount of money owned by one person in the bank was from Eritrea. The biggest amount of stolen money in the world $695.2 million US dollars is from the poorest country in the world, Eritrea. The single account is higher than any country on earth including the richest countries like the United States of America.

Out of the 200 countries mentioned in leaked information Eritrea is number 53 with a total of $699 million dollars and Ethiopia is number 153 on the list with a total of $10 million dollars.

The biggest single secret account for an Ethiopian holds $2 million dollars compared to an Eritrean $695.2 million dollars.

Isaias Afwerki and his PFDJ generals stole and hid 699 million dollars from Eritrea

The question now is who does have access to the meager resources of the Eritrean public money? The answer is very simple to most of us, it is the saint, the emasculate, the one who is adored by his people, the one who lives with under $200 dollars of salary, and the greatest leader of the world according to his mouth piece ESAT TV, the dishonorable President of the country Isaias Afwerki.

While the poor people of Eritrea are pouring their sweat and blood to put food on the table for their family, Isaias Afwerki, his generals and his PFDJ cronies are sucking the country dry of its wealth.

Corruption is everywhere it is even rampant in Ethiopia, but what is happening in Eritrea is robbery in a broad day light.

Two weeks ago Tigrai Online published an article, Eritrea is one of the most corrupted countries in the world and many Eritreans emailed us angrily saying Ethiopia is not far behind, but we were absolutely right.

We know the PFDJ group in Eritrea is the most evil and the most corrupted people who would not stop at anything to make money including selling their won people to be sold for spare parts.

This shocking leaked secret information has created earth shaking movement in the Eritrean army. Information coming from Eritrea indicates the Eritrean people including some of the army Generals are angry at the PFDJ group.

Some of the figures and facts are found here - http://www.icij.org/project/swiss-leaks/explore-swiss-leaks-data

Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki telling the truth for the first time


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