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Ethiopian security forces wiped out 30 Eritrean mercenaries

Tigrai Online, July 10, 2015

Ethiopian security forces wiped out 30 Eritrean mercenaries
The gallant Ethiopian security forces wiped out 30 Eritrean mercenaries in the northern Tigrai state. The armed bandist were trying to sneak in to northern Tigrai, but they were made to expire right at the border. Photo from file

Eritrean terrorist mercenaries were wiped out by the gallant Ethiopian security forces when they were trying to sneak in to Ethiopia.

According to the Ethiopian Federal Police Commissioner, General Assefa Abiyu interview with the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, the group of heavily armed mercenaries was caught at the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea in the northern state of Tigrai.

The general said most of the group were killed and some of them captured by the Ethiopian forces. “The forces tried to enter into Ethiopia from the western part of the Tigray Region. We have managed to control their movement and attack them without letting a single one of them escape," General Abiyu said. The general also indicated none of the armed mercenaries made it back to their base in Eritrea, because they were caught by the surprise by the Ethiopian forces.

Last week the Ethiopian Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn gave a stern warning to Eritrea if the Eritrean regime continues its destabilizing activities in the region, Ethiopia will be forced to take action. Now the Ethiopian people will be waiting to see what actions the prime minister will take now that Eritrea has openly took military action against Ethiopia.

The Eritrean government hosts multitude of rebel terrorist groups inside Eritrea. Most of the groups are against Ethiopia, but there are groups from the Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti and Somalia supported by Eritrea to destabilize these nations.


Eritrea has tried to send terrorist groups to Ethiopia on many occasions, they all ended up wiped out by the Ethiopian security forces, but the real question is for how long should Ethiopia keep doing this ridiculous reacting after the fact to Eritrean provocations. Does the Israelis and the USA do this kind of reaction when they are attacked? They don’t, they take decisive action to naturalize the enemy.

Ethiopia has a few times penetrated deep to Eritrean territories and took military action, but it does not seem to enough to deter the Eritrean government from doing the same thing time and again.

We think a brand new military strategy should be adopted by Ethiopia and implemented to stop further military incursions by the Eritrean regime and its puppets.

The Ethiopian people deserve action not fancy words and empty threats because after a while people get tired of hearing the same script that are not backed by concrete action.

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