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The threat of Eritrean refugees to the security and social fabric of Ethiopia

Tigrai Online November 24, 2014

The threat of Eritrean refugees to the security and social fabric of Ethiopia
We have to see the threat of Eritrean agents early or we will pay dearly.

Last week the UNHCR announced 6200 Eritreans refugees arrived in Ethiopia in 37 days. Many Ethiopians see this as indication that the Eritrean regime is about to fall down. We see a grave danger to the constitutional order of the government and real security threat to our people.

Some of you might wonder how some poor refugees trying to escape a brutal regime in their country might pose any danger to Ethiopia. Let us take a look why and determine if there is tangible threat from Eritrean refugees to Ethiopia.

The first and most concerning threat is security:

Last UN reports indicated there are over 120 thousand Eritrean refugees in many refugee camps in Tigrai state northern Ethiopia and thousands more arriving every month. The Ethiopian government and UNHCR are having hard time keeping up with new arrivals. New camps are being established every few months to cope with the flood of Eritrean refugees.  The same UN report shows about 40 to 50 percent of the refuges are active duty soldiers. The rest of the refugees who are considered civilians are not really so civil either. Due to the Eritrean regimes conscription policy, any able body from the age of 18 to sixty must go through military training. We can safely assume then 98% of those coming to Ethiopia as refugees have some type of military training.

The Eritrean regime is not waiting to be drained of it’s potential man power and bleed to death alive. It has a few pretty good tricks on its sleeves and it would not hesitate to use them.

After the Eritrean invasion of Ethiopia in 1998 failed and the invading army of Shaebiya was decimated by the gallant Ethiopian defense forces, the regime in Asmara never stopped for a day actively trying to disintegrate Ethiopia. The Eritrean thuggish government had tried supporting Ethiopian rebels like ONLF, Ginbot-7 and OLF, terrorist groups like Al-Shabab of Somalia, terrorist acts inside Ethiopia and civil unrest using Ethiopian opposition groups CUD.

You are saying what has all that got to do with refugees. Well, a whole lot. In 2013 hundreds of Eritrean refuges drowned at the shores of Lampedusa, Italy. The incident sparked uproar inside and outside of Eritrea. The gangs in Asmara were afraid the international community would take drastic measures against them.

To divert attention of their own people and the international outcry, they activated their sleeper spy agents in all of the Eritrean refugee camps in Tigrai. There was huge demonstrations and disturbance in the refugee camps. The demonstrators blamed the Ethiopian government for what happened in Lampedusa which was really odd. They also demanded speeding up their resettlement process in other countries, but the Ethiopian government has nothing to do with that. It is up to the third country how fast to resettle qualified refugees. Thousands of Eritrean refugees start running around destroying and bringing public and private properties. The demonstrators got out of the refugee camps threatening the safety of the local communities. Finally the local police and federal security forces were able to contain the violent demonstrations. One or two people were killed in the incident. The Eritrean spies living in the refugee camps tried and somewhat successfully created a diversion for their government.

At the eve of Ethiopian elections where some emotions might get higher than normal, thousands of highly trained military Eritrean refugees overflowing the refugee camps is more than a coincidence.

It is not rocket science to figure out the Eritrean government is sneaking in thousands of it’s agents disguised as refugees. After all majority of the refugees have military background, so no one can tell who is a spy and who is a genuine refugee. Unless extreme security measures are taken by the Ethiopian government, this situation is a disaster waiting to happen.

We didn’t even scratch the economic, environmental and social damage from having thousands of refugees in a small area. By the way the refugees are free to move where ever they want if they can prove they can support themselves or someone could help them financially. On top of the over hundred thousand refugees in camps, there are thousands more Eritreans refugees freely moving and doing whatever they want throughout Ethiopia.

From a security point of view we think it was a flawed policy to let the Eritrean refugees to move out of their camps. They should be treated like any other refugees without any preferential or special treatment. There is no long or short term benefit for Ethiopia by offering special treatment to Eritrean refugees. The fact remains Eritrean refugees who were saved by Ethiopia and pass to a third country through Ethiopia become the worst enemies of Ethiopia and Ethiopians abroad. These ungrateful people are campaigning against Ethiopia and working with Ethiopian terrorists to destabilize our country.

Ethiopia should still treat them with all the respect any refugee deserves according to international law. But, they should be kept in their camps just like the refugees from Somalia, South Sudan and other countries in Ethiopia.

We should never repeat the fatal mistake of 1998. "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"

This so called members of the Eritrean opposition are chasing the Eritrean Presidential Adviser Yemane Gebreab (monkey)but why are they calling him "Agame" instead of Shaebiya murderer well makes you think what they would do if the get to power. Lets now fool ourselves they are all the same. The only thing we can do is learn from our past mistakes of trusting

Look at this subhuman degenerate, from what he says he had been in Ethiopia in Tigrai as a refugee. Listen to him he represents the attitude of most of them.

The above drama was made in Israel by Eritrean refugees against the people of Tigrai. Mind you this people are asking for asylum and their life is in limbo, but that didn't stop them from spreading hate and disrespect against us. We should not allow this to happen anywhere. It is the law of physics what you give is what you get, for every action there will be equal or greater reaction. The irony of the matter is how on earth are Eritreans making fun of Tigrai Tigrigna? It is like the Jamaicans making fun of the British about their English. Our Tigrigna is not mixed with broken Arabic, broken Italian, broken Tigre or any other language. Our language is Tigrigna we are called Tigrai and our land is called Tigrai. What is the purpose of this drama in Israel, is it to highlight the suffering of the Eritrean refugees?

This is not ok! If there are any sin Eritreans tell your people to stop disrespecting our people if you are not willing to do that we will.

The glorious and dignified people of Tigrai will not be insulted by anyone. If this does not stop there will be devastating consequences, because you are not better than your grand fathers and we are not weaker than our grand fathers.

Is it some bad Eritreans doing this or is it a common practice among Eritreans? If we are brothers and sisters, why are you trying to insult and disrespect our language, our couture, our history and our heroes? Does a brother do this to his brother? I am afraid not. Eritreans STOP!


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