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Eritrean teens witnessed everything before escaping from ISIS

Tigrai Online, April 23, 2015

Eritrean teens witnessed everything before escaping from ISIS
Eritrean teenagers who escaped from Islamic State in Libya. From left to right - Abraham Naizghi, Yasin Abdulaziz, Yohannes Mebrahtu, Nael Goitom, Thomas Ghiwet and Aman Shishay walked for four days to escape captivity.

More detail information is coming out how the ISIS militants are capturing people in Libya. Many immigrants are going to the Sudan and then go to Libya. The goal of the immigrants  is to reach Europe via Libya and the Meditranian sea. Once they enter Libya which is without any central government since the fall of the Libyan government a few years ago, the Islamic State jihadists will take all the Christians to their camps and let go the Muslims.  We can assume they are kidnapping refugees from all the countries bordering Libya.

The Eritrean teenagers who escaped from ISIS tell a story how the whole ordeal of last week’s tragedy started. The teens said they were kidnapped on March 3, 2015 after they arrived in Libya from Sudan by ISIS militants.  The Eritrean kids told IBTimes UK in an interview there were 79 migrants in total 61 men and 10 women from Eritrea and 8 Ethiopians. There might happen have been more people in different groups traveling to Libya from Sudan in the same route.

After the ISIL militants stopped the convoy of immigrants inside the Libyan Deseret they separated the Christian Eritrean and Ethiopians from the Muslims.

"They wanted to know who was Muslim among us. We Christians had crosses and pictures of Jesus, so we really couldn't hide it, Somalians were allowed to continue, while Eritreans and Ethiopians were driven to the IS camp in the desert. There were about 300-400 members of the jihadist group in the camp and for days the prisoners, who were tied and held in a large hole, were told that "the boss will come and decided our destiny" Nael Goitom one of the Eritrean teens who escaped said.


There is unconfirmed rumors floating around the social media networks like Facebook there might be people from the greater Horn of African countries like Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya and Somalia fighting for ISIS. Nael Goitom recognised three Eritreans fighting for IS when he was a captive for over a month in Libya. "We hoped they were going to help us, but instead they showed no emotions," told  IBT.

The only safe place for Ethiopians and Eritreans at this time is staying at home no matter what. There might be political problems and poverty at home, but people would be alive. Please tell your family members, friends and anyone you know not to go to any Arab country.

You can read more detail about the Eritrean teens account and testimony by visiting this website - http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/

We would like to say Kudos to those brave Eritrean kids for doing the impossible, escaping from the mouth of a monster.

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