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The Tale of the ‘Trojan Horse’ and Ginbot-7 (part two)

By Daniel Mehari
Tigrai Onlne - August 03, 2014

(Part two)
(Part one)

Although ‘Ginbot 7’, since its inception, is a bankrupt political organization and a set of loud mouth “patriots” who can’t even carry out their lackeying job properly, there isn’t a stone left unturned by its leaders, the likes of Dr. Berhanu, to fulfill their sinister and BANDA plots. By appearing as something they’re not, these people have worked “tirelessly” to give assurances and guarantees to their master, the Eritrean government, so that they can fill their money sack. As their objective is to fill their empty money sack in the name of “patriotism”, they have tried to talk and twist their way to every possible topic.

Especially after the passing of our great leader Ato Meles Zenawi, thinking everything was over for the government and not able to understand the realities of our country, there isn’t a riot and havoc plot they didn’t hatch from wherever they were sitting. We have seen the doctor-cum-terrorist working hard to realize his plots, not knowing our country’s youth is beneficiary from the rapid and sustainable economic growth our country is recording, and also the fact that this economical development was gained benefitting from the strong peace that’s ensuing in the country.

The other thing Dr. Berhanu isn’t aware of is that, the new generation of ‘Today’s Ethiopia’ has and is currently writing its own brand of ‘history’ it inherited from its forefathers; history made by our forefathers against foreign conquerors . Also, apparently, the would-be Doctor isn’t aware of the fact that the youth has clearly demonstrated that it won’t compromise nor negotiate with its country’s national interest.

For this, we can raise two instances. Not so long ago, it has mobilized in droves to throw out the aggressor from its invaded lands during the Ethio-Eritrean war. The other one is the Ethiopian acts it is doing to realize one of the grand projects that will help facilitate the country’s aspiration to join middle-income countries, the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam; a project which by the way dismissed by the “good” Doctor. Of course here we should raise the question ‘is it by forgetting these realities and national identity of Ethiopians that the Doctor decided to sell the country?’

I don’t think we should try so hard to find the answer to this question – because the answer has to do with their vice to lead the country through rage, fury and terror. Here I want it to be noted that I’m not saying why did the man longed for power or ‘build castles in the air’. He has the right to daydream, as dreaming is not prohibited. If he wants he can say ‘I will make my hair afro’, much in the vein of Mengistu Hailemariam’s infamous ‘we will control nature’ tantrum - that’s not the point. But, he should know that the terror covenant he entered with Ato Isaias is totally un-Ethiopian and a BANDA act; therefore unacceptable by Ethiopians.

As their aim is to fatten their leaders’ pocket with the money of their few Diaspora supporters by twisting and distorting every temporary and enduring problems of the economic growth, there wasn’t a time they fail to blow their bogus rumor horns. This is just a money generating scheme of the leaders of the terror group, as they don’t have their own agenda.

They are not concerned how long this “system” will get them through; they just internalize any agenda for their own gain at every possible opportunity. If there is one hot topic in Ethiopia, it’s typical to see the would-be doctor-cum-terrorist getting happy whilst sitting from afar in his comfy chair – seeing their money cap getting full. Characteristically and shamelessly, they will turn the issue and parrot it til’ it’s overdone. Their objective has to do with flaunting a zero sum politics and has nothing to do with the benefit and good of the people...

As the leaders of ‘Ginbot 7’ have been marginalized by the people in a peaceful & fair election and are profoundly reliant on Ato Isaias, they don’t want to see our country’s peace and development. So, they have tried to use any forces that share their view of wrecking havoc in Ethiopia, including those with differing objective, to execute their agenda at every possible opportunity – though this hasn’t amount to anything. Here we can see their recent collaboration with extremists as evidence

As it’s known, the leaders of the terror group have disclosed from their comfy seats sitting afar that they have been supporting and are allies with the few foreign-funded extremists that masquerade under the name of the Muslim community. Not only this. They have tried to amplify the issues of these few pseudo-religious extremists slash politicians by making it appear as though its also the issue of the majority of the Muslim community.  

But, when these few extremists begin to be marginalized from the majority peaceful loving Muslims following the intensification of the fight against terrorism waged by the FDRE government and people, the doctor terrorist and his minions were drowning with desperation. In fact fearing another failure on their part, ‘Mr. Terrorist’ himself was seen fretting over making new approach and studies.

Dear readers! Don’t make me start on their agenda amplifiers, likes of Voice of America (especially its Amharic program). I have once heard with my own ears the same interviewees being interviewed in ‘Deutsche Welle Radio’ with the same riot-drumming questions they were asked only a day before by the Voice of America, in a way that seemed they are carrying out the agenda of ‘Ginbot 7’. There wasn’t bogus rumor or smear campaign they left from putting on air by hunting down and putting the few extremists including the self-proclaimed ‘Muslim Issue’ editor Ato Akmal Negash in to air. However, their sinister shouts couldn’t even make a sound as an echo would. The ‘on the air riot’ orchestrated by ‘Ginbot 7’ and ‘ESAT’, through hijacking the legitmate demands of the Muslim community did not avail to anything – leaving them with empty hands. And this happened for two reasons. The first and main reason is not only the Muslims are a peace loving community, but they come to fully understand the government’s intention with regards to the issue, while the second reason has to do with the government answering the demands of the Muslim community in a way that didn’t violate the separation of religion and the state as per the constitution.

Anyway in order to help my dear readers further understands them; let me further probe in to detail on the two reasons. As its known, the historical relationship the Muslim community has within itself and with other religion followers is based on respect and brotherly love. A tradition several centuries long won’t be polluted by some few extremists. The Muslim faith followers, who adhere to a peaceful and loving way of life, understand the benefits of peace just like every Ethiopian citizen. Also, as the community knows that no peace means any benefits, there is no chance that it will give an opening for anti-peace forces. So, its love and commitment for peace has enabled the community to thwart the planned disturbance of very few extremists and anti-constitutional forces that have their own political agenda.

Not only this. The Muslim community also understood that the government is doing a great job of upholding rule of law, within the confines of ‘the separation of religion and the state’, by protecting the constitution from few anti-peace forces that were spewing their poison as snakes hiding within the majority of the followers who were asking legitimate demands. The community also appreciates that extremism is an undemocratic outlook that hijacks freedom of faith, which is a basic human right, with ‘adhere only to my religion’ outlook.

When the majority Muslim community sees congregation being held without the recognition of the majority of the religion followers, strangers from foreign lands throwing riot-drumming flyers, calls for riot being voiced through sound-mics forcefully taken from religion Imams etc…, it will surely understand (and has understood) that the government was only carrying out its duty to upheld rule of law without interfering in religious affairs. As they also understood that some very few politicians and extremists are trying to distort and twist the legitimate demands of the majority of the Muslim community for their own ends which involved instigating street riots, it has closed the door for disturbance and riot. This has helped to marginalize the few extremists and rioters from the majority peace-loving Muslim community – just like separating the bad apples from the bunch.

The second reason that thwarted the plot of the ‘Trojan Horse’ organization and its mouth piece ‘ESAT’; who have tried to twist the legitimate demands of the Muslim community to serve their own agenda i.e instigate riot by using VOA and ‘Deutsche Welle Radio’, has to do with the government meeting the Muslim community’s demand appropriately in way that didn’t violate the constitutional framework i.e separation between religion and the state.

Understanding that extremism will be unacceptable in a country where religious equality and freedom are protected and guaranteed, the government has solved the problem easily by working closely with the majority of the Muslim community in order to not create an opening for violence and disturbance. It’s now in the process of bringing these political merchants, who masquerade under the banner of religion, to justice. Currently, the sinister plot hatched by these few extremists; where they tried to gain personal political expedience by instigating riot in the holy month of Ramadan, was foiled and put under control by the government in serenity.

Nevertheless, ‘Ginbot 7’ and its Media minions, whose riot sense tingles every time they hear about an agenda, did not stop their empty hollers. As far as I can understand, it should be noted that the government, like it always had, is carrying out its duty and role of upholding peace by focusing on peace related issues and leaving all religious issues to the religion fathers and followers. Of course as the majority religious fathers and followers come to know that the government has a firm stance on religion equality & freedom, and the fact that it does not interfere in religious affairs; they have recently on top of condemning the extremists’ unreligious acts, they have also pledged to work in collaboration with the government on common national agendas in the hopes of sustaining the peace. 

This position of the Muslim community not only implicates its firm commitment for peace and stability, but also the fact that every religion preaches peace instead of violence. The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) preached ‘Islam is a peace religion’ and ‘if anyone hits you on the cheekoffer the other’ preached by that Christians all implies that the divine word is of peace and tolerance, not terror mustered riot and violence.

Here I want my dear readers to understand that this kind of serene thinking is only shared by people who want nothing more than their peace. There are those who base their living on terrorism and who holler by twisting others’ legitimate demands for their own advantage; employed ‘Trojan Horses’ like the lights of ‘Ginbot 7’ and ‘ESAT’.

However, as the whole people of our country especially the peace loving majority of Muslim community condemned as one the terrorist ‘Ginbot 7’ along with its Godfather Shabiya, extremists who are drunk with foreign money and anti-Ethiopia forces who wants to see our country weakened, it was marginalized by the people. This huge blow was recently intensified with the arrest of the other ‘Trojan Horse’, Ato Andargachew Tsige.

As a response and to cover its failure, the terror group has on one side has bombarded us with statements that suggests the man is a British national , and on the other hand, out of desperation, it has been groaning through its hoax rumors factory ‘ESAT’, which included pitiable lines like ‘we’re all Andargachew’ and so on.

As it’s known, there is no such thing as any person is above the law even if he/she implicated in terror country simply because he has a foreign citizenship. As terrorism is a heinous act that takes away innocent human lives regardless of borders, citizenship, identity, any person that’s part of this kind of act must face the punishment the law dictates. I can raise two instances for this - the September 11 and the Boston marathon terror acts.

As we all can remember, the American government has put responsibility on Osama Bin Laden and his organization Al-Qaeda as the culprit of the September 11 terror attacks that took the lives of more than 3000 innocent human lives. The Washington Administration did not say Osama Bin Laden is not accountable for his terror crimes just because he’s a Saudi national. Instead it took him out by going after him as far as Pakistan.

And its Ukrainian nationals who carried out the terror attack on American soil during the Boston Marathon. The American government did not stop pursing them citing they’re of foreign nationals – it has hunted them down and brought them to face the appropriate punishment. In order to further elaborate this in simple manner, let us say the “Doctor Economist” Berhanu Nega has an American citizenship. And he went on to England to carry out a terror act and end up hiding in Eritrea, after he executed his plans. What will the British government do if it found him in another country: ‘since he’s an American citizen it’s OK’? No, what the British government will do is extradite the man and put him under arrest under the anti-terrorism law of the country. So, it should be known that a person will not be immune to face the law for the criminal act he/she committed just because that person is a foreign national.

It isn’t today that the terror fretfulness started. I recall a time when the group was desperate enough to officially state the Asmara honcho is its “sponsor” following the man’s “positive” leaning remarks with regards to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Truth be told, it isn’t only the Ethiopian people and government that the good old doctor and his terror squad are fighting with. Those few supporters in the Diaspora who previously, either knowingly or unknowingly, used to wire money to the ‘Don’ of the group for work related expenses have now stopped – as the saying ‘fool me twice shame on me’ goes. As a consequence the group is currently struggling to raise as much money they used to. Generally, zero-sum politics cannot amount to anything other than this.

As I said above, following Ato Isaias interview to his country’s Medias with regards to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the leaders of the group were shocked enough to officially admit the Asmara honcho is their ‘sponsor’, i.e their ‘Rider’. In this interview, the Asmara honcho, who has shattered the hopes of the Eritrean people by closing the door to peaceful resolution for the last four years, has said with his own words “there is a dam called ‘GERD’ that’s currently under way in Ethiopia. Putting aside the border conflict … the main issue is if they put it up for sale we will buy without entering in to its cost-benefits’. This statement not only put Dr. Berhanu and his minions in unease, but it has also forced them to publicly admit to be a horse – meant to be ridden – by Shabiya – ‘act of a desperation at its finest.’

Obviously a man living in a traitorous and disloyal world will not know what he’s doing at a time of sheer desperation. This is because a person or group that betrayed his/her own country will not be trusted by others. Anyone who has no problem in dealing to sell his own country to the highest bidder, the chances are his partner in crime will not be sure of that person’s loyalty to him – as the person’s objective to fill his money vault, not to pursue principle based politics. And this fact, I think, is well known and accounted for by the ‘Godfather’ of the doctor-cum-terrorist.

All in all, as far as I can understand, the importance of the doctor-cum-terrorist is as long as he serves his purpose or end up in jail. Thus, any of the blabbers or propaganda the man spews in time of his desperation cannot bring any change to his fate. As we have seen recently, inevitably everything will be put back to its place. This is because the works and intentions of the doctor-cum-terrorist and his personal stooges have been weighed by the people – and failed under the court of public opinion. And they haven’t’ got up, as they are still struggling to stand up with their own feet. As what they did was traitorous and disloyal, they don’t have the moral grounds to see the Ethiopian people in the eye nor to “fight” in their names. The kind of traitorous and ‘BANDA’ back-story the terror group, along with its leader, is associated with is only a recipe of being marginalized by the public.

The Ethiopian people have marginalized both ‘Ginbot 7’ and its leaders. It’s fully aware that their dexterity is walled to terrorism and lackeying, and has nothing to do with ably leading a nation. So, the public doesn’t fancy to be used and serve as a source of money. As it’s in a fast lane to development helped by the path laid out to it by the developmental and democratic government, it doesn’t give its attention to their propagation. It doesn’t want the benefits its gets from its developmental path that it’s on to be eroded by the ‘Trojan Horses’. Its advisable to the terror group and it stooges to know that their efforts angling every agenda towards power is no more than a comedic relief.

The Tale of the ‘Trojan Horse’ and Ginbot-7 (part two)