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Eritrean government supporter websites say Eritrea should attack Ethiopia now

By Biru Aregaw
Tigrai Online December 4, 2014

Eritrean government supporter websites say Eritrea should attack Ethiopia now
Eritreans can dream about invading Ethiopia, but they should be carful it does not turn in to a nightmare.

This week the Ethiopian government said war could break out between Eritrea and Ethiopia. The statement was part of a huge document released to potential investors. The Ethiopian document tells investors they need to consider the potential resumption of the Eritrea-Ethiopia war, which ended in 2000, although it “does not anticipate future conflict”.

This is the first time the government to issue such a statement regarding war between the two countries. But, many military analysts believe the Ethiopian government would exhaust all options before it drags itself in to a bloody war with Eritrea. The main reason is Ethiopia is registering amazing economic development while Eritrea is going downhill year after year. Ethiopia will benefit from relative peace maintaining its current status as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. That does not mean the desperate regime in Eritrea would not want to disrupt Ethiopia’s remarkable progress.

Based on the above statement given as a standard minimum required risk disclosure to investors, some militant Eritreans are saying Ethiopia is broke and the Eritrean government should take a chance to overthrow the Ethiopian government. One diehard supporter of the Eritrean regime said “the woyane grime is in it’s last breath Eritrea should launch military attack in selected positions to help the Ethiopian rebel groups in Eritrea and they will take over”.  We can’t stop people from fantasizing but it will be helpful for the Eritrean people to pay attention where they are compared to their neighborhood.

We hardly believe the Eritrean government and it’s army are ready to do the reckless adventure they took in 1998. It is not because they don’t want to do that. We know the Eritrean gangs have been flirting with the Russians hoping if they can finance their evil missions, but no one on their right mind will put their money in a dying brutal regime.  The Eritrean economy is in shambles, the Eritrean army is in disarray, the Eritrean youth are fleeing in thousands abandoning their country and existence of Eritrea as a viable country is dimming by the day.

Even though, the risk of Shabiya initiating another war is very low, the Ethiopian government is not taking any chances. Ethiopia should step up it’s training and support to the rebel groups in Afar and Kunama in Eritrea to keep the pressure on the regime.

One thing is true about the statement of the Ethiopian government and that is, Ethiopia will not have sustainable peace and development while the regime in Eritrea is still in power.

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