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We wonder what the Eritrean people would say about that?

Respons to the article by Berhane Kahsay

By Muller Hailu
Tigrai Onlne - July 10, 2014

The writer left his article with this question at the end (Isaias Afwerki’s Coolie is in the Bag, By Berhane Kahsay). In deed what would Eritreans think, if someone tell us that Isayas Afewerki is an ANGEL  no matter what !. This raises the real behavior of those who work with the dictator.

Any leader is easily judged by seeing how his people are experiencing life, and as the four catholic priests pointed out recently “ if there is honey in my house why do I risk myself to get any this better “. Hence, it doesn’t any detailed investigation to come up with the conclusion that the Eritrean people are facing the severest disaster in history. Situations like this had never been heard in the history of our forefathers.

The other thing that astonishes me is to hear people who were the right hands of the former Dictator Mengistu speak about bringing change. Everyone has an opportunity and you have to make use of it. If you side with an abuser and you cannot have courage to talk about justice or bring change you failed.

In Eritrea, people hate the GINBOT -7 and all the others self-declared so called freedom fighters and other forces. The worrying scenario is the moment the dictator is overthrown they will suffer dangerous consequences. This reminds me of the Malian soldiers who were in Libya to help the dictator Gadhafi. The moment Gadhafi was ousted, people unleashed their hatred on the black Malian troops. I hope our wise Eritrea people will not go that far, but it is tempting with the way the leaders of GINBOT -7 and others are working with the dictator.

Lastly, for someone who follows closely the developments in Eritrea, the dictator Isayas is standing on a knife edge and has no confidence from any one even his most trusted people and it will not be that long to see him ousted.

So, on behalf of Eritreans I would confidently respond to the article, Eritreans will be astonished by Endalkachew and those protester in USA who had banners displaying Isayas Afewerki, shame on them and they will regret soon for encouraging the murderer.

Andargachew Tsige, the Secretary General of Ginbot 7 is lecturing us about Isaiass Afewerki the President-for-life of Eritrea. Andargachew Tsige says Ethiopians ought to learn from the exemplary leader of Eritrea. We wonder what the Eritrean people would say about that?

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