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Eritrean refugees march out of Israeli camp battle with Israeli soldiers

Tigrai Onlne - June 29, 2014

Over one thousand Eritrean refugees are marching out of Israeli refugee camp and they are confronted by Israeli soldiers and security forces to turn them back to the refugee camps. Eritrean and international activists report from the scene where the refugees are battling with Israeli forces and the refugees are being met with extreme fierce.

Facebook and Tweeter pages are flooded with photos of Eritrean refugees treated in a very violent way by the Israeli security forces.

The Eritrean refugees have left the Holothuroidea camp in Israel June 27, 2014. They were marching towards the Sahara desert to highlight their situation in Israel which they say refuses to grant them refugee status. They are not allowed to get out the camps and their status is in limbo. The Eritreans are demanding the United Nations to resettle them in a third country. They say their condition in Israel is comparable to concentration camp or an open prison.

Thousands of Eritrean youth are leaving their country to escape the brutal regime in their homeland. Many thousands of Eritreans have perished in the sea, Sahara desert and kidnapped by Arab gangsters and sold for ransom.  The UN reported this month three thousand Eritreans are crossing to Ethiopia every month.