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Ethiopia should invest on its defense sector to protect its people and maintain peace

Tigrai Online, March 14, 2018

Ethiopian defense forces in 2018 Ethiopia should invest on its defense sector to protect its people and maintain law and order


Ethiopia has been registering remarkable economic, social, human development in the past quarter a century. As it is been confirmed by many international institutions, Ethiopia is one of the fastest economies in the world.

The economic growth and development progressing in an amazing speed, but lately the country has been immersed in widespread unrest and internal conflict. Mainly of the problems are hatched in Cairo or Asmara to slow down the miraculous change taking place in Ethiopia.

The Egyptian masterminds are worried about the largest hydro electric dam in Africa which is being built in Ethiopia. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – GERD is more 75% completed and the Ethiopian mega project will be completed very soon. The Egyptians all the Nile River water which 85% originates from the High Lands of Ethiopia belongs to them. Egypt has been doing everything under the sun to sabotage the mega project, but the futile attempt failed.

Now Egypt is implementing the last stage of its plan to stop Ethiopia from completing the GERD. The last stage of the Egyptian plan to destabilize Ethiopia is to create continuous turmoil in the country by fabricating unexacting issues.

Egypt has successfully infiltrated most of Ethiopian affairs and it has smuggled arms to its sleeper cells. These armed groups in Oromo and Amhara regions are becoming a serious hindrance in the development of the country.

Ethiopia has the second strongest army in Africa and the Egyptian mercenaries would not be more than a minor headache to the regular army, but these groups are taking advantage of EPRDF's internal power struggle.

The Ethiopian government is not utilizing the defense and security apparatus. Since the current unrest started in 2015 the country’s defense forces were bystanders in the diabolical episodes by OLF, ONLF, Ginbot-7 and their bedfellows in OPDO and EPDM.

The Ethiopia defense forces should play more active role to protect the Ethiopian people and constitution. The defense forces need to be up-to-date with modern technologies of warfare to ensure peace and stability in Ethiopia.


The EPRDF government needs to focus in Ethiopia’s internal security and allocate appropriate amount of funds to federal defense forces. What is the point of investing millions of dollars in industrialization, modern farms, factories, roads, universities, hospitals and other investments if they are going to be destroyed by hooligans?

It is clear to everyone why some groups are trying to pressure the government. It has nothing to do with democracy or freedom of people, it is about monopolizing power and domination of Ethiopian politics. The politics of numbers will not achieve any useful political goals for those who think they deserve more because of their numbers. If that was the case India have a whopping billion more people than the U.S.A, yet it is not a member of the U.N Security Council veto powers.

It is high time for the EPRDF government to mobilize the defense forces and the Ethiopian people to maintain law and order in the country. Neglecting the Ethiopian defense forces will cost Ethiopia its very existence.



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