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The Fifth National Election and the Zero Sum game of the UDJ, AEUP, SP/BP/

By Gebretsadkan Kebede
Tigrai Online January 21, 2015

Ethiopian National General Election 2015 heating up

Periodic Election is one of the basic crucial and fundamental entities of a democratic system. Ethiopia as an infant democratic country, periodic elections play significant roles safeguard both human and democratic and the Constitutional Rights of a Nations, Nationalities and peoples.

The fifth  national election which will be conducted in May, 2015 allows candidates to seize power  through  a peaceful, democratic ,free , fairly and  reliable by the peoples  of Ethiopia according  to  the Constitution.

As best lessons and practices had taken from the previous four rounds of National Elections, this election has a great responsibility that the State and the Federal Governments should firm to tackle the political parties which are sponsored by the egotistical toxic Diasporas not to destabilized the peace and security of the country and it would play a vital role to address the sustainable development of the country to achieve the Growth and Transformation plan.

As citizens we need to conduct a peaceful, free, fair, democratic and reliable by the public so as the political parties like Unity For Democracy and Justices UDJ, All Ethiopian Unity Party AEUP, Semayawi Party/Blue Party and others should contribute to hold the 5th National Election peacefully and respect The National Electoral Board and The Code Of Conduct of the Political Parties.

Otherwise, the people Of Ethiopia desire Peace, Prosperous, development, education but not that of individual’s interest and acting the intervention of the Western Neo-Liberalism adventures. The people are hoping a bright future to live in peace and Prosperous. No more to see a destabilized nation and people. From our experience, we have tasted what peace means in different angles and are able to compare and contrast what had happened before EPRDF seized a power in the country and what is happening in the Middle East, Ukraine, in some parts of Africa in general in the world by the founders of the Color Revolution and their sympathizers.

Now days, Africa is rising. No more to look for bread and wheat to others if we are able to use our abundant natural resource, man power and fertile land equitably.

Leaders of the Blue Party in their interview With Vice OF America Amharic Radio Program /VOA/ addressed that even to scarify rather than joining the election. On the other hand, many responsible political parties assured to participate in the election whatever the political atmosphere is conducive or not respecting the Constitution and the public card in the ballot box.


Though senior political Parties agreed to involve in the election, parties like UDJ, AEUP and BP are refusing to solve their misunderstandings peacefully and participate in the election. So, we can judge that the Blue Party seems ’’ Boys are Boys’’ party. Or in Amharic version this party is called ’Lij yabokaw le erat aybkam’ or ‘saymok yefla’ party. Denying the Electoral Board and Code Of Conduct of the Political Parties mean that these parties may have another mission behind the screen.

Therefore, the Federal Democratic Government of Ethiopia has a mandate and moral obligations to conduct the 5th National Election Peacefully, free, fair, and democratic election even before the previous four rounds of elections.  

Besides, the Federal Democratic Government of Ethiopia has a mandate and moral obligations to safeguard the peace and security of the public from the evil deeds of the affectionate of the neoliberal color revolutionaries.

Regardless the political views of our politicians, they have to respect the people .We need peace and bread. No more to rejoin in to destabilization like that of in the 2005 made by the coalition party. We have observed many experiences from what is ongoing in the world; migration, civil war, bombings, wounding, death in general a miserable world. For this reason, no body wants to scarify for nothing as the beneficiaries are others.

The contained political parties should respect the human and democratic rights of citizens. The ultimate movement of the opposing political parties should be only promoting their Agendas with the rule of law and the Constitution and win the votes of the electorate only through peaceful means from the ballot box.

As we know, on October 30/2009 political parties this had seat in the parliament had reached an agreement in the Electoral Code of Conduct and its implementations strategy following a series of discussions since on September 31/2009. Many of them had premeditated and exchanged views  in the draft of the Electoral Code of Conduct. It is clear that this Electoral Code Of Conduct has been prepared by the International Institute For Democracy And Electoral Association IDEA while political parties come up with various choices of implement strategies taking into considerations and the experience of   different countries.

The Code of Conduct would also help to avoided suspicious and hatred politics among confessing parties and to enhances a healthy relations and resolve political differences through peaceful dialogue.

In line With this, the public are expected to contribute their respective shares towards ensuring a peaceful, free, fair, democratic and reliable national election and keep the peace and security of ourselves to see and taste the bright fortune of our development to reach the middle income and enriching a democratic culture in the country

Finally, the message of the writer is that the 5th National Election Which is going to be conducted on May 24/2015 , it will be best if EPRDF wins to ensure the Constitutional Rights of Nations , Nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia and to achieve the Growth And Transformation Plan and to reach and taste the Middle Class Income of our citizens.

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