Ethiopian members of the Federal Police who lost their lives in Gonder
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Ethiopian members of the Federal Police who lost their lives in Gonder

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, July 19, 2016

Ethiopian members of the Federal Police who lost their lives in Gonder
Photos of the 9 Ethiopian Federal Police killed in Gonder by Shaebiya bandas

These are the nine members of the Ethiopian Federal Police who lost their lives in Gonder protecting civilians and defending their country. These heroes were labeled as “Tigre Woyane” by the racist Eritrean Satellite Television – ESAT.

Name, rank, and photos of the nine Federal Police memebers

  1. Commander Halefom Adane Endeshaw (Tselemti Tigrai)
  2. Sergeant Alemu Melaku Enkoanhone    (Debarik Gonder)
  3. Constable Abissa Etanna Abdi (Welem Wollega)
  4. Sergeant Nasro Mshuro Esmail (Debarik Gonder)
  5. Assistant Inspector Ahmed Hussien Ahmed (Siltie SSNPR)
  6. Deputy Sergeant Abdissa Alemu Daromssa (Shewa)
  7. Deputy Sergeant Atlog Assefa Abera (Gayint Gonder)
  8. Assistant Inspector Adem Abdulahi Mao (Liben Somali State)
  9. Deputy Sergeant Birhanu Sulitto Abemie (Hadiya SSNPR)

These heroes lost their lives doing their job defending their people from racist greedy bandits. We think someone somewhere in the Ethiopian government has to be accountable for all of this.

The bandits who were trained, armed, transported, by the gangsters in Eritrea didn’t only take the lives of this Ethiopian police, but according to information we have so far, 18 civilians were also victims of these racist bandits.

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The hooligans supporting the armed bandits burned businesses owned by Tigraians and other Ethiopians in the town of Gonder and Debarik. We are not sure how these many armed bandits were hiding in plain site in the town without the local police noticing them is a mystery. The Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service and Federal Police Joint Anti-Terrorism Taskforce has released a telephone recording that shows how the Eritrean mercenaries were communicating, planning and getting ready to unleash the attack with the help of the mafia leaders of Eritrea. If these much information was available to the Ethiopian government before the Gonder disaster, why didn’t the security forces arrest the leaders and protect the Ethiopian people?

If the Ethiopian government has enough evidence linking to the armed bandits attacking civilians, businesses, and government institutions throughout Ethiopia, what are they waiting for?

How many innocent Ethiopians have to lose their lives, how many businesses have to be burned, and how much property has to be destroyed at the hands of armed terrorists supported by Eritrea before the Ethiopian government taking decisive action?

If the Ethiopian government does not have concrete evidence linking the Eritrean regime to all these conflicts in Ethiopia, stop mentioning this tiny country and deal with the problem in Ethiopia and come up with a long lasting peaceful solution. If there is undeniable evidence about the Eritrean regime creating chaos in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian government has a constitutional responsibility to protect the country and its people. The Ethiopian people are tired of being terrorized by PFDJ bandits in their own country. We are sorry to say this but, “TEMETATANGE” is bullcrap.

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