Was the State of Emergency removed prematurely in Ethiopia?
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Was the State of Emergency removed prematurely in Ethiopia?

Tigrai Online, Sept. 14, 2017

Security situation gets worst in Ethiopia, Was the State of Emergency removed prematurely


The Ethiopian arch enemies don’t seem to give up that easily their goal of destabilizing the country by any means necessary.

After the wide spread lawlessness in 2016-2017 orchestrated by anti peace elements, the Ethiopian government declared state of emergency and law and order was restored within a few days.  A few weeks later things were back to normal and the Ethiopian people started to go about their business in peace and quiet, however the government decided to left the state of emergency prematurely.

Slowly things are going downhill again in some parts of the country. The security situation in Amhara and Oromia states is precarious to say the least.

The problem between the Oromia and Somalis regional states is deteriorating and it has a potential to undermine the southern part of Ethiopia.


The terrorist groups in Diaspora and their supporters are manipulating the situation to weaken the government. If the Ethiopian federal government does not take swift action to keep the whole situation under control, it will have far reaching consequences for the entire country.

Ethiopia didn’t fully recover from the previous security break down and public disorder. The Ethiopian people, the economy, and the image of the country cannot take anymore of this nonsense.

One reliable option for the government is to reinstate the state of emergency before things get out of control. All the structure of the state of emergency and its command center must be still in place since it wasn’t that long when the government lifted it.

It is not unusual for state of emergency to stay for a few years and we don’t see real reason why Ethiopia couldn’t use state of emergency to stabilize its security at least until some of the major mega projects like GERED are completed.

Some western groups might cry foul about democracy and human rights, but whatever the government does not seem to stop them anyway.

The Ethiopian government and its people’s priority should be keeping the sovereignty and integrity of their country everything else is secondary.


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