Violating peace and stability will benefit no one
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Violating peace and stability will benefit no one

By Mohamed abdidheere, Jijiga, Ethiopia
Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. 15, 2016

Ethiopian nations and nationalities have experienced one of the worst and most violent segregation and exploitation made chauvinist and racist regimes. Few people live the expense of others. The non-existence of justice and equality among the people of Ethiopia led to those Ethiopians who could escape leaving. Many living fathers are vivid example who were immigrated to neighborhood countries to sought asylum while those who were less fortunate endured decades of demonizing and dehumanizing with coercion and intimidation

Mohamed abdidheere Tigrai Online conibutorFortunately, on Ginbot 20, 1983 E.C. The people of Ethiopia received a new lease of life, when the incumbent ruling party called EPRDF, in co-operation with the nations of Ethiopia who was hunger for justice and equality, gallantly wrestled power from Derg regime.  It was the first time Ethiopia had adopted a federal constitution that ensured the rights of nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.  It was a well earned freedom and constitutional right of self rule and self- autonomy with a bright hope of equality among the nations of Ethiopia. This dream was realized with in short period of time through following ethnic-based federalism system which assured the rights of every citizen irrespective of his/her identity, gender or religion.

It is clear to everyone, during the last two decades and plus that EPRDF was in power, Ethiopia has registered a double digit of economy and an outstanding and comprehensive development achievement which exceeded the overall development works carried out since the birth of Ethiopia.

As diversity promotes tolerance, harmonious communities are achievable. As such Ethiopia had less ethnic conflict throughout the last twenty five years in which EPRDF dominated the political land escape of Ethiopia, rather Ethiopian nations and nationalities have boasted mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and an impressive degree of unity against outsiders.


The fact that Ethiopia’s’ today is undertaking and realizing the growth and transformation plan 2 which is more inclusive than in the past is a welcome progress. Democracy based on justice, fair and equality will ensure Ethiopia leaves behind its dark past and boost toward the path of sustainable development, peace and progress.

In case of Ethiopian Somali region, whereby the umbilical cord of this author was buried, which was ablaze with no human and infrastructural development during pre-EPRDF today  turned in to a region of bustle cities of life, peace and prosperous. Its very hard to ignore the human development and infrastructure development we see today in Ethiopian Somali region.  The sitting president, HE Abdi Mohomud Omar who is elected from the people of Ethiopian Somali is reverse to Takle-Hawarit Takle-Mariam: a close kin of emperor Hailesalise, who (Takle-Hawarit) was a governor in Somali region in the mid 20 century.

The self autonomy that we are enjoying today is the by-product of the federal constitution and the ethnic-based federalism governance system that we have opted post-Derg regime.  The countless development projects are outstanding and exemplary acts.

It is undeniable fact of human history that impunity with which generations of every society disregard constitutional governance is the reason for state failure.

Recently protests in some parts of Oromia and Amhara region, which is not in light of the federal constitution claims the lives of innocent people, was master minded by anti peace elements whose aim is to degrade the security and devastate our development projects.

Its unfortunate, after 25 years of peaceful co-existing of the diverse residents in Gondar and its surrounding broke their unity. Recently barbaric attacks against innocent civilians was heartbreaking and culprit in the lacks progress. Today unjustifiable unrest in some part of Oromia and Amhara region would shocked if the founding fathers of the new Ethiopia of post Derg regime (the late visionary leader Meles Zenawi and our fore fathers) come visited: they would be doubly disappointed and demoralized at the performance of anti peace elements- GINBOT 7 and OLF

The clique hails from UBBO, OLF, GINBOT 7 and remnants of DERG, backed by Eretria government had prospect of Ethiopian development democracy equality and the peaceful coexistence among the nations of Ethiopia to evaporate into the thin air and to take us back to the destructive policy of chauvinism and animosity that destroyed the nations of Ethiopia.

When security and stability is violated as the case has been in some parts of Oromia and Amhara region by predatory groups consists of ( OLF, GINBOT 7). Who is only a pipe- line which Eretria uses as a tool to accomplish its ambition.  One could easily understand the decisions impacting innocent citizens are crafted elsewhere and overseas. The objective of terrorist groups such like Ginbot 7 and OLF are crippling our federal system of governance.

Ethiopia has proven to possess a highly trained and agile army whose ability to conduct a hot pursuit tactic of anti peace forces has gained respect by nations of Ethiopia. With regard to this it’s worthy to endorse the great words of Ibrahim Sacab:  a well known respected Politian.  Posted in his face book account and saying:                 

…… anti peace elements such as UBB aka ONLF, OLF, GINBOT 7  and remnants of DERG commissioned by Eretria can no way to affect our system of governance based on ethnic federalism.

Honestly, I would like to add by saying as Americans protect the ingredient of coco cola formula we also protect and defend our system of governance-ethnic federalism.

Regarding the fate of the anti peace elements like UBBO aka ONLF, OLF, GINBOT 7.  I can say with confidence those myopic and treason elements sponsored by Eretria can be described by an endearing Somali concept of fadhiid.

Fadhiid:  a complicated and diminutive child of the nomadic family eternally refuses to grow no matter how much milk is fed by his mother. Unfortunately all that extra resource poured into the fadhiid fails to produce the desired result. Likewise anti peace element sponsored by ereteria such like UBBO, OLF, GINBOT 7 and remnants of Derg. For sure they would be doubly disappointed as fadhiid fails to meet the desired result.

Peace is the main component of development. It is said that peace is the mother of civilization. No one can make progress if there is no peace and stability.   By simply defending our federal constitution and protecting our system of governance, all the people of Ethiopia can be winners.  So let us all contribute what we can to keep our country save.

You can reach Mohamed Abdidheere at this email mabdidheere at

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