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Prime Mnister Hailemariam says if Eritrea tries anything to destabilize Ethiopia, it will be the last time

Tigrai Online, September 20, 2015

Prime Mnister Hailemariam says if Eritrea tries to destablize Ethiopia, it will be the last time
Ethiopia will take military action that will stop Eritrea once and for all if Eritrea does not stop destabilizing Ethiopia says Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in his latest interview puts his government’s policy crystal clear about Eritrean destabilizing actions. After the usual we will not do anything that will hurt the Eritrean people speech, the prime minister spoke patiently about what would happen if the Eritrean gangster junta tries to destabilize Ethiopia. He said “the ball is in the Eritrean court if the Eritrean regime wants to work for peace and stability, but the Eritrean government has a collection of terrorists in Eritrea ready to diabolize and to take terrorist action against Ethiopia… what we are saying is DON’T TRY, but if you try, WE WILL TAKE ACTION ONCE AND FOR ALL and we have notified all the UN Security Council member countries don’t accuse us saying Ethiopia has used force if we take action “. This are very strong words from the Ethiopian leader.


When he was asked if he had signed any documents declaring war on Eritrea recently, he replied the Ethiopian government has a permanent sanding policy towards Eritrea and there is no need to sign any new document. “You don’t need a signature to start a war”, he added.

The Eritrean regime has informed the international community through it’s ministry of information that Ethiopia is getting ready to invade Eritrea. We are not sure what prompted the Eritrean government to release the information about invasion, but the Ethiopian prime minister said it is a weak ploy to divert attention from the Eritrean refugee crisis which is getting huge worldwide coverage. Eritrean refugees are the third largest group arriving in Europe next to Syrians and Libya.

The Ethiopian government policy seems progressing slowly towards a real tough military action against Eritrea. First it was No Peace No War, then comes Proportional Measured Military Action and now it is Once and For All. We will see what kind of military weight those words carry. Thanks to the belligerent and stupidity of the Eritrean leaders it wouldn’t be long before the Eritrean government tests this latest Ethiopian policy.

One thing is sure, the Ethiopian government and people are tired of Eritrea’s continuous provocation and destabilization of Ethiopia and the region.

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