Ethiopian Youth should avoid and be aware from the Derg and terrorism ideologies
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Ethiopian youth, be aware of the Derg and terrorism ideologies

By Abdirahman Alale
Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. Oct. 3, 2016

Ethiopian Somali women waring the federal flag
Thousands of people were gathered for their annual Irreecha Festival in Bisheftu town Oromia state of Ethiopia

Ethiopia has adopted a number of constitutions including the current federal constitution. In 1931 constitution of Ethiopia was the first constitution. The second Ethiopian constitution was promulgated in 1951 by the king. This constitution was not different from the first one and king revised only to include Eritrea as part of Ethiopia. The third constitution for Ethiopian was established in 1987 by the Derg. The last constitution for Ethiopian was established in 1995.


The first three were constitutions set by individuals or few people instead of Ethiopian people and it didn't give any attention rights of different Ethiopian nations such as  human right, languages, culture, self-administration of regions and one can remember chauvinist immoral nature of abuse, nepotism, segregation of people, corruption, and unfair wealth distribution. In addition to that all nations and nationalities of Ethiopia had not been enjoying even their culture, religion, language and their norms. Thanks to God and EPRDF for almost last two decades and plus all nations have been practicing their religion, culture, principles, norms, values and their languages. This is a great step forward when you compare at the past regimes and current democratic system.

Moreover, the previous systems superior nation was few people of Amhara but those few people were not representing all Amhara because most of them and all other Ethiopian nations suffered and were not getting equal rights and equal share when it come Infrastructure, development, Health, education, clean water and all other human needs.

 More importantly, the current Ethiopian democratic system gave considerable attention and respect to all peoples of Ethiopia. When we come to decentralization government structure we have Kabale, districts, city, and regional and federal parliament members. There is also house of federation at the federal level. Every Ethiopian nation and nationalities can see their political representative members in the different government structure.

However, whenever interest groups want to benefit in the name of their ethnic group and nation they organize by telling them imaginary ideas while they are carrying their hidden agenda of terrorism, nepotism, narrow nationalism and chauvinism among this are ONAG, UBBO, Derg remnants and Ginbot 7. They are also flatter a young people who are not enough capable in different forms such as religion, business, geographical location or race. These disgrace terrorist groups are trying to undermine nations and nationalities ironic constitution set by Ethiopian people post-derg regime. Therefore, due to proximity of extremism ideology, narrow nationalism, chauvinism and people who have bad historical record in some our communities, country or some regions must be known and avoid, fight and mark them to bring to the justice. With regard to this people are planning to hijack, divert, change and undermine progress of Ethiopian nations and the history of EPRDF.  

Finally, I am expressing feeling from my heart thanks to all Ethiopian nations and nationalities who are strongly supporting current democracy and ethnic federalism system or current Ethiopian multicultural federation system. infact you have been witnessing for the last two and plus decades  that our system was in line with Ethiopian constitution  and was resulted tremendous development progress. It's undeniable that the federal constitution of Ethiopia and the ethnic federalism system arbitrate and is the only glue that held all the hues of Ethiopian nations together, so let's avoid and be aware all Derg remnants, ONAG, ONLF better known UBBO in Somali local language and all other terrorism ideologies.

Thanks to all Ethiopian nations and nationalities

Ethiopian Somali people determined to defend the Ethiopian Federal System against Dergi, Ginbot7, OLF and other anti peace groups.

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