Ethiopian and Sudanese military started joint border patrol
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Ethiopian and Sudanese military started joint border patrol
Photo credit, Sudan Tribune

Ethiopian and Sudanese military started joint border patrol

Tigrai Online, May 4, 2017


Ethiopia and Sudan signed an agreement to establish a joint military force to safeguard their common border from criminals and any other regional security threats.  The two countries have been developing a common strategic policy and further working to bring about a unified joint military force in the common border.

This week a joint Ethiopian-Sudanese force has started its operations patrolling the common border. The joint force is composed of military troops and other security units.

Trusted sources has indicated that the one man regime in Eritrea was supplying thousands light weapons to the criminals in Gonder, Metema, and other areas in Amhara region last summer when armed criminals were terrorizing civilians, looting, burning houses, and businesses. The Eritrean regime has been taking advantage of the open and porous borders between Ethiopia and the Sudan for years to destabilize both countries.

It seems the Sudanese and Ethiopian governments have started to action against the one man regime in Eritrea.

Last March Senior Sudanese and Ethiopian army officers held discussions in Khartoum, Sudan regarding the joint military strategy.

The joint Ethiopian-Sudanese military movement came a few weeks after Ethiopia announced it has finalized a new police towards Eritrea. The Ethiopian prime minister told reporters that his government will make public the new policy very soon. The Eritrean and Ethiopian people are eagerly waiting to know what the new policy would include which will be replacing the “NO WAR, NO PEACE” policy.


According to news reports Egypt has been given the go ahead by the Eritrean government to build a military base in its territory. Egypt denied the reports saying the report was not not true, "Egypt does not plan to establish any bases overseas," Egyptian source told Anadolu Agency. Expecting for the Egyptians to openly admit they are building a military base in Eritrea is naivety. If the reports are true and Egypt is planning to use the military base in Eritrea against Ethiopia, the first victims of this unholy union will be the Eritrean people.

At the same time tension between Sudan and Egypt is really high. Among other things there is a border dispute between the two countries, and the Sudanese firm stand regarding the GERD is infuriating the Egyptians.

Ethiopia with over 100 million people and with one of the fastest growing economy in the world is becoming a force not to be ignored by all concerned powers. The Sudanese people and government are the first to recognize this fact.

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