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Ethiopian and Sudanese military command to be operational in September

Tigrai Onlne - August 17, 2014

Ethiopian and Sudanese defense ministers agreed to establish a joint military force on Tuesday August 12, 2014. The concept of establishing Ethio-Sudanese joint military force has been floating around for quite some time now. The geopolitical and military situation in the region might have forced the two countries to speed up the launching of the joint military force.

Ethiopian and Sudanese military command to be operational in September

The two countries share a very long open border where citizens of both countries don’t need visa to cross the border. Traders and business people are not the only people crossing the border, terrorists and rebel groups are taking advantage of the open border.

There are three main reasons why Ethiopia and Sudan need the joint military force now:

  1. The first and the most pressing reason is the porous border which is not easy to control between Sudan and Ethiopia. Terrorist groups and Ethiopian rebel groups financed by Egypt and other Arab countries and trained by the Eritrean regime try to cross the border from Sudan to Ethiopia. Sealing up the crossings and passages will deny the Eritreans to sneak any armed groups to Ethiopia.


  1. Even though the Egyptian stance seems to have been softened over the past few months, Ethiopia can’t take any chances about the security of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The Egyptians have threatened direct military attack more than once since the starting of the mega project. The Sudanese realized they will benefit more by allying themselves with Ethiopia more than they do with Egypt and they made it clear they will do whatever it takes to help Ethiopia to complete the GERD.


  1. The Eritrean government had been a major source of instability in the Horn of Africa since it came to power 23 years ago. Asmara had started military confrontation with all it’s neighbors, openly supports rebels and terrorists. The Ethiopian government can’t ignore these erratic and insane Eritrean leaders anymore.  There might be a time where decisive action is needed to protect the security and national integrity of Ethiopia. If and when Ethiopia decided to launch a military offensive against the one man dictatorship in Eritrea, it wants to make sure all connection to the regime in Eritrea is cut off. On top of that the new military agreement will give the Ethiopian defense forces a back access to the Eritrean positions.

Some people might take the Eritrean regime as a minor headache, but there is a potential it could cause a major disruption in the Ethiopian development progress. The Ethiopian Prime Minister warned the Eritreans if they don’t quit their interference in Ethiopia’s affairs there will be sever military action.

The Eritrean dictator only has the Sudan as a last friend even though the friendship is very loose.

This military exercise by the gallant Ethiopian defense forces took place right under the nose of Shaebiy's sawa boys and girls, but there is nothing they can do except pray to their God it doesn't come a real war.

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