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The fifth Egyptian and Ethiopian Joint Ministerial Commission meeting concludes

Tigrai Online November 4, 2014

The fifth Egyptian and Ethiopian Joint Ministerial Commission meeting concludes

The fifth Egyptian and Ethiopian Joint Ministerial Commission Just concluded its meeting today. Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry led a huge delegation from many ministries to participate in the meetings.

The joint commission’s meetings are supposed to increase the cooperation between Ethiopia and Egypt. After a few days of meetings the two countries signed multiple agreements covering Education, Trade, Health, Diplomatic, Training and Women’s affairs.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom, the foreign minister of Ethiopia and Egyptian Foreign Minister of Egypt, Sameh Shoukry signed the documents representing their countries respectively.

Ethiopia and Egypt has been quarreling about building of a mega Dam in Ethiopia for the past four years.  The mega project called “Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam” is being constructed in western Ethiopia and it is forty percent completed so far.

It is admirable that the Egyptians decided to work with Ethiopia for the betterment of both countries. The question is, are the Egyptians being sincere and does that mean they will stop working to destabilize Ethiopia directly and indirectly?

If they really mean to establish a good diplomatic relationship with Ethiopia based on mutual respect and international norms, they should expel all the terrorist groups they are harboring against Ethiopia.

When they Egyptians drop their unreasonable opposition to the GERED, the Ethiopian people will start what they say.

If they still support their proxy fighters like the Eritrean government and Al-Shabab, all this garrets don’t mean anything. Experience has thought us over the years that the Egyptians will sign tons of agreement regarding many joint beneficial issues and they break the agreements they signed before the ink written on them is fully dry.

We assume the Ethiopian government officials will take all necessary security actions to safe gourd our countries interests before signing any agreements. Despite the trust we have with our government, we could not pass this opportunity to offer our free two cent cautionary advice.


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