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International media invited to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam site

Tigrai Onlne - March 17, 2014

International media invited to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam site

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian government has invited foreign media correspondents to the construction site of the multibillion-dollar Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Hydroelectric Dam.

"We decided to take the media to the very spot of construction in order to provide them with the opportunity to get first-hand information," the government's Communication Affairs Office wrote in the itinerary program.

The Office is facilitating the journey for crews representing 13 different channels.

Two Anadolu Agency journalists are among the 22 media people travelling to Guba in the Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, some 970km west of the capital Addis Ababa.

Launched in April 2, 2011, the dam project is approaching its third anniversary.

An Ethiopian diplomatic source, meanwhile, asserted that differences with Egypt regarding the dam are technical, not political.

Source: Turkishpress - http://www.turkishpress.com/news/395368/

Tigrai Online Comment

Ethiopia is inviting the international media to let the world see how the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is progressing. The Egyptian politicians and media have been waging a false propaganda war against the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam since its inception.  Last year senior government officials were caught on live TV discussing how to sabotage the Ethiopian dam.  Some people said it wasn’t an accident, but well orchestrated propaganda to intimidate the Ethiopian people and government to stop them from building the dam.

The latest Egyptian campaign which is labeled “dam busting diplomacy” is composed of fabricated facts, half truth about the damage to Egypt from the dam and pure lies. Egyptian diplomats have been touring around the world spreading their lies about the Ethiopian dam.

One of the lies they are repeating like a broken record player is the construction of the dam is not even started. Even though the construction of the dam has been going on since 2011, in every media outlet the Egyptians say “the porposed dam.” Ethiopian officials recently said the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is more than 32% completed. No matter what the Egyptian close their eyes and pretend the mega project hasn’t even started.

The Egyptian politicians are doing this for two reasons, one to divert the Egyptian public from the deadly domestic conflict which Egypt is in up to its chin. The second reason is to confuse the international community.

By inviting the international media to the construction site of the Ethiopian mega dam, Ethiopia will completely demolish the Egyptian lies and expose their true nature. This is a brilliant strategy by the Ethiopian government to counter the futile attempt of the Egyptians to stop Ethiopia from using her God given resource in a just and equitable manner.

Once the truth is fully revealed to the international community, there is no other option but to support Ethiopia on its effort to get out of poverty.