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Ethiopia starts producing and selling battle tanks

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, November 9, 2015

Ethiopia is assembling the T72, T62, and T55 battle tanks in its robust and growing automotive factories

According to the Ethiopian broadcasting corporation, Ethiopia started to sell the T62 battle tanks to the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM), a peace keeping mission operated by the African Union in Somalia.


Ethiopia is assembling the T72, T62, and T55 battle tanks in its robust and growing automotive factories.

The T62 tanks are fully assembled and ready to be shipped to Somalia. Ethiopian assembled tanks will be used in the fight against the Eritrean supported terrorist group known as Al-Shabab.

The Ethiopian automotive industry is mainly state owned, but that are a few private companies producing small and medium size cars.

In addition to tanks Ethiopia assembles and manufactures armored cars, buses, cars, tractors and other public transport vehicles.

Ethiopia assembling its own tanks, armored cars, military armaments, ammunitions and other military hardware means the Ethiopian gallant defense forces will have unlimited supply of tanks and armored cars when the need arises.

Recently we have published a news article about Ethiopia stating producing car engines. Soon Ethiopia will be able to manufacture tanks and cars from scratch domestically.

Those Ethiopians working with our arch enemies to dismantle Ethiopia like Dr. Berhanu Nega should think twice before it is too late for them. Late alone Berhanu Nega to overthrow the Ethiopian government by force, the Eritrean regime which is helping him may not stand a chance if war breaks out between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Rare glimpse into the Bishoftu automotive engineering plant

Speaking of the devil, the United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea revealed that Dr. Berhanu Nega traveled to Eritrea via Egypt. “Berhanu Nega left the United States, where he resides, for Eritrea, where he was appointed as Chair of the newly formed unified front of armed Ethiopian opposition groups. He has stated his continuing intention to overthrow the Government of Ethiopia. The Group received confidential information from two non-African Member States with direct knowledge of the case that, when Mr. Nega travelled to Asmara through Egypt, a senior presidential adviser, Yemane Gebreab, personally greeted him upon arrival” It said emphasis from TOL. Who can blame him if he didn’t use the Ethiopian enemies cover his fate would have been like that of his Secretary General Andargachew Tsege.

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