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The Ethiopian regime paid one billion US dollars to Eritrea to invade Tigrai - EEPA report

Tigrai Online Feb. 10, 2021


According to today February 10, 2021’s report of the Europe External Programme with Africa EEPA, the Abiy Ahmed regime in Ethiopia has agreed to pay one billion US dollars to the Eritrean government to send it’s army to the regional state of Tigrai in northern Ethiopia. The brutal Eritrean government sent 42 divisions that include four mechanized divisions and two commando divisions. Over all the total number of Eritrean army that invaded Tigrai is roughly about 336 thousand. How did we arrive to the above number? Roughly one division consists of four brigades and a brigade has minimum of about 2000 soldiers, therefor a division will have about 8000 soldiers and when we multiply 8000 by 42 we get 336,000.

The EEPA said the following on its report today February 10, 2021:

  1. A payment of 500mln US dollars was made by Ethiopia to President Esayas of Eritrea and that Eritrea was provided with weapons for its participation in the war in Tigray.
  2. Unconfirmed report that when the National Security director of Eritrea visited Addis, he requested that the Ethiopian government would make the second additional payment of 500 mln USD so that Eritrean troops could do the ‘final offensive’ in Tigray.
  3. The understanding is that reportedly PM Abiy promised 1 billion USD to President Esayas from Eritrea, to be paid in two parts.
  4. In exchange, President Esayas from Eritrea offered his Indefinite National Service recruits to serve in the war in Tigray.
  5. National service troops of Eritrea have also been serving as mercenaries in the war in Yemen, despite the UN sanctions that were in place to curb Eritrea participation in regional destabilisation, until 2018.
  6. It is reported that the clashes between Ethiopia and Eritrea troops in Tigray a few weeks ago were caused by differences in the division of weapons between the two parties in the alliance. Reportedly many soldiers were killed on both sides.

As you can see in the EEPA report above Ethiopia is paying one billion dollars in two installments to Eritrea for its participation in the genocidal war against the Tigrai people and its elected government. The Eritrean government effectively sold the Eritrean soldiers to serve as mercenaries. The Eritrean soldiers are mainly forcibly conscripted and ill trained young boys and girls who are desperate to escape.