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Ethiopia's undeniable rise to greatness

Tigrai Online, Oct. 15, 2014

Ethiopia is one of the ten fastest growing countries on earth.

Finally the world community is talking about Ethiopia, but this time it is about it's greatness and the remarkable growth and transformation taking place in the country.

Ethiopia is set to achieve the Millennium Development Goals successfully by the deadline of 2015. Ethiopia has already reduced undernourishment by 47% as part of the MDG program to get rid of poverty from the Ethiopian society.

Ethiopia is definitely raising and no one can deny this fact except those who are hell bent to keep Ethiopia and Ethiopians in poverty and misery.

All the International financial institutions like World Bank and IMF are witnesses of the Ethiopian economic miracle and the they attest to that.

President Obama of the United States recently said "Ethiopia is one of the fastest economies in the world" . As we can see on the above video all the high government officials from Great Britain affirm Ethiopia is raising and becoming one of the top African economies.

This beautiful railway car is manufactured in Ethiopia

A debate little between EPRDF and the Opposition

Annual Parliamentary Dinner a Great Success at the Ethiopian London Embassy

On 14th October, the annual All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Ethiopia dinner was hosted at the Embassy by H.E. Ambassador Berhanu Kebede and Chair of the Group, Mr Laurence Robertson MP, and was attended by MPs, peers of all parties, members of the business community from a range of sectors such as green energy, agro-processing, mining and consultancy services, representatives of the civil society and friends of Ethiopia. Read More


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