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Ethiopian Prime Minister declared state of emergency today

By Asmeret Yohannes
Tigrai Online April 7, 2020

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared state of emergency today


The Ethiopian government declared state of emergency today to slow down the spread of COVID-19. The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced the state of emergency on his Facebook page instead of on state media if that is not odd enough the sate of emergency is supposed to stay until August. Most countries that declared state of emergency did for about two months it is not clear why the Ethiopian government wanted to extend it for such a long time.

The Ethiopian prime minster didn't clarify the details of the state of emergency, he didn't even mention what rules are included in it. Some experts are questioning if the way the state of emergency is put in place in accordance to the Ethiopian constitution.

Ethiopia has been in a great turmoil for the past two years and the country is politically, economically, and militarily very weak.

COVID-19 is expected to devastate most the world's economies including the developed countries. What would it do to a country like Ethiopia which is in a fragile state to start with? It is obvious those who are behind the so called "change" in Ethiopia are worried about their puppet surviving this cataclysmic event on top of the crisis Ethiopia was in because of their sloppy coup detat.

Ethiopia so far has recorded 55 cases of COVID-19 and two people died from the disease. The government is hardly doing any tests so far and someone in the government has said up to 26 million people could be infected by coronavirus. A few weeks ago the Abiy regime said it had found a traditional medicine for COVID-19 or they are closer to a breakthrough to finding one, which is not helpful in this situation because it gives false hope to the Ethiopian people which in turn might make them careless about the disease.