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Searching for dung fuel where a cattle herd had never ventured to graze

By Yared Huluf
Tigrai Online Feb. 8, 2021


Ethiopia was a fast economy in Africa for eight - nine years from 2010-2018. That said, it does not mean Ethiopia did not have socio-economic and political problems. There were. There was youth unemployment, lack of accountability, misrule and human rights abuses of all sorts. Yet the problems manifested in the country were nothing big compared to that of most African  nations. This is not by all accounts to excuse injustices and misrule  One Injustice and lack of public accountability is one too many abuses to tolerate.

Worse still, now the economy is on the floor with negative growth, and the problems aforementioned  widespread and more deeper than before hitting the roof compared with the protest against the EPRDF. Back then the TPLF stepped back and withdrew from taking charge and allowed the rest of the party members to lead and introduce the changes the pub expected to take place. It was a wise decision to relinquish power without wielding the sword as is customary in most African states. However, selfish people know no bounds, ኣብ ዒድ ዘሎ ወርቂ መዳብ.

The group that took hold of the state power started to go withershines. After a few days celebratory dancing, kyoodling, releasing some token political prisoners, known to be working as agents of the deep state, instead of addressing public concerns of youth unemployment, malfeasance and the rest, they chose to address an issue that existed only in their fantasies of mind that was bothering them most: The regaining of lost power; the establishment of the Amhara domination, with their language, culture, flag, national dress sweeping and shining all over the nations as it was in the past.


The comeback of oppressive and feudalistic Amhara domination were not the dominant issues the Ethiopian nations rose to protest; far from it; it was and still is their least concern, except for the Amhara elites; hence I call it ኣብ ከፍቲ ዝይዋዓለኦ ኩቦ ክትኣሪ ወፍሪ. A Journey In search of dung fuel where a cattle herd had never ventured!

Now they have plunged the country in the deepest bog they would not know how to come out from the tatters they created!

Too little too late, but what would you expect from such dreamers but nightmares for the oppressed?

They now have organized tentatively ad hockey peace group to dispatch to Mekelle after they waged unrelenting war against the people totis viribus  to reestablished their hegemony, not satisfied with past misdeeds and all round damages their rule inflicted.

If the group that are dispatching to seek reconciliation is not  a disguised arm with a hidden sword in the name of peace, it should and ought to have asked why the war, in collaboration with foreign enemies  started in the first place- verbum-sap!

That leaving aside, as they could claim it was and still is beyond their realm of mandate to inquire, and if it is a group genuinely seeking a peace, before boarding a plane it ought to have demanded that the Eritrean army, an arch enemy of the Tigrian people, the Amhara militia and the discredited Ethiopian forces ought to leave Tigray immediately before asking the people of Tigray to come to a negotiation table.  Furthermore, Tigains ought not sit and discuss without the representation of TPLF and other Tigrian people political parties who are in the side of the people such as ሳልሳይ ወያነ: ባይቶና  TIP, etc.

Still negotiation has to be conducted, exclusively by an independent party, the likes of UN peace keeping forces. Otherwise this group from Addis has come for a show case, with sinister ulterior motives only to undermine our causes for justices and well being.


Otherwise, you have all these destructive forces in place and pretend one is seeking peace. Who do they want to fool, the people or themselves?

Any sensible person or a nation would not fabricate fake  issues and go to war against its own constituent only to keep unelected dictators in power. Maintenance of a stable and coherent state is a far nobler a cause/ price  to pay than securing premiership post for an individual, even if the individual is a jannock and a straightforward worth of the position for the sake of a greater a cause; let alone a crook who does not know how to lie convincingly to deceive the unsuspecting. The people in power seem to me classic imbeciles, they regard the world is fast asleep not knowing what these bunches of rag tags are up to; as they do it to themselves when they congregate in a hall and fondle each other whilst preaching gospels!