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The Egyptian people should trust their Ethiopian brothers and sisters

By G/tsadkan Kebede
Tigrai Online - June 24, 2013

‘Man born free’ .The land is created for man to use and live on. We people are the creatures of GOD (Allah).The sons and daughters of Adam and EVE   There for, regardless the skin color, we are brother people, and we are Africans. We are both Christians and Muslims (Islam). We have both the Holy Bible and Quran given by the Great Lord. For this reason, we have been having a long history of relationship of faith, trade, culture and norms between the two sister countries as we are drinking the same water of the Holy Nile River.

We are practicing the holy Commandments of GOD as we are the creatures of him. History remind us that both Ethiopia and Egypt have long historical relations as far from era of the Punt land, the Pre-Axumite   Kingdom, the Axumity Kingdom  own wards and even today from the Ancient Egyptian civilization onwards too The Pharaohs and MUMLUk. Many Ethiopian Monasteries are built by the name of the Egyptian saints who were spent their lives for Apostolic Mission in Ethiopia.

Then, we can suggest that the two countries have common values and norms. We respect the people of Egypt as they are not only neighboring but brothers from the Alexandria to   the Axum Tsion the ARC of Covenant. In this long time, we were using the Nile River equally without any question wisely. But, when the power of Africans lay under the colonization, the humble values and norms Africans dismissed. Many Africans lay into illusion. Colonizers defused their poisons among Africans not to create unity and to fight each other rather than to defense and liberate   Africa from yoke of colonization. Some of their evil deeds are Border Dispute (border problems), water politics, and ethnicity supremacy of tribes. In same cases, these are sill become the problems of African.

The question of the Nile River is one of the results of the dilemma of the colonization era.  Nile River is the longest river in the world which is more than 600 meters long with International boundary that cannot be monopolized by a single country. This is obviously true.

So, what happen today for our brother Egyptians .We hope this is not the issue of honest Egyptian but the issue of politicians who are running for political power to divert the attention of the mass of Egypt. Be wise brother people Of Egypt from the false propaganda of the extremist politicians seeking for power to gain a vote.

Before  his death , H.E Prime Minister Meles  Zenawi  was assured that The Great Renaissance Dam  at any post  can’t be the problem of the downstream countries for the brothers Diplomatic Community Of Egypt  in Addis Ababa  and in other occasions many times . H.E. MP, Meles Zenawi   addressed that constructing this dam has many multi dimensioned advantages to unit African in Green Energy and economy that Africans have power to build heavy mega projects bay themselves out of the precondition of Westerns.  Not only this, H.E MP. Meles Zenawi was tried to lobby the high delegations of Egypt many times even to invest in the dam to develop ownership and confidence whether the dam has a negative impact in the downstream nation or not. Though, His Excellency, Pan African’s MP, Meles Zenawi Rest in Peace, his legacy, mission and vision still exist in the mind of the government of Ethiopia and people. It is not changed.

Therefore, the people of Egypt should trust up on your brother people of Ethiopia. The Nile River is not a simple river but it is a holy river according to the Holy Bible. As far as GOD gives us rain, the Nile River is enough even for the whole of Africa.

Of course, due to the false propaganda of the extremist political parties of Egypt and some dishonest Medias, people of Egypt may suspect of constructing of the dam but the reality is vice –versa. For the past few weeks some Egyptian brothers and Medias have been hysterical over the construction of the Renaissance Dam as they miss the International Water Law and its utility.

Ethiopians, as humans and responsible people and government, they realize that water is a matter of survival. For this reason, how could be rude to turn off the water faucet from its natural flow. The people and government of Ethiopia well understand even better than any human kind that it is ridiculous to not only to apply but even to think to turn off approaches.

Honestly speaking, the threat of our brother people of Egypt of national security and survival as a nation, should be omitted and erased from their mind and they ahould have trust on the people and government of Ethiopia. We Ethiopians have highly emotions and motives on PAN AFRICANISM. Our dream is to see a peaceful, Prosperous Independent United Africa. We Africans shall wake up to realize this noble dream of Africans.

We Know the Great and Holy Water of Nile is to which all our lives are connected.The lives of our brother Egyptians depends on it as one great people. Our relationship is not a matter of centuries but Pre Axumite Ethiopia up to the present and it is not from the colonization era. Our elders told us Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt is closely related to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Ethiopia is the first country in the world where the Holy Quran had benn read. The people of Ethiopia are both Christians and Muslims. They are ready to implement the commandments of GOD. Both Ethiopian and Egyptian must pray day and night for GOD to give us enough rain and live in peace.

We should act like Africans and abandon the colonization era mentality. All Africans believe to see a united and prosperous Africa. Many Africans are saying to resolve our problem in a win - win solution and in a new spirit of Africanism.

Her Excellency, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamine Zuma the Chair Person of AUC reminded and advised us that the Nile riparian countries should share the Nile waters in an equitable manner. She also added that she thought that it will be important and meaningful, to have discussions that are open and that look at how we can have win-win solutions. We have to take these noble ideas in to consideration what our brother Africans advised us.

Dear, our brothers people of Egypt

You need to think as independent Africans not that of colony illusions or any other evil deeds. The Entebe Agreement is the product of decade-long negotiation under the World Bank funded Nail Basin Initiative. It was conceived to replace the 1929 treaty drafted by Britain that awarded Egypt veto power over upper stream countries. The two Agreements of 1929 and 1959 were/are one the evil nature of colonialism used to divide and rule Africans and to weaken Africas.

The agreement signed by Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda ,Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi aims to established a commission to oversee the Nile Project ensuring equitable  share of the Nile Water and allows upstream countries to undertake projects over the Nile with equitable without impairment the brother downstream countries .

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The Ethiopian People and government hope that the project would turn it into a Green Energy (Green economy) Net to link the sub region, (the horn, East, Central and North Africa and the Middle East) as water is the Gift Of GOD. This is the main target of the people and government of Ethiopia. There is nothing interest beyond this.

However, few dishonest political parties, media and politicians have been hysterical over Ethiopia construction of its Renaissances Dam .The public was suddenly bombarded with notion that Ethiopia will turn off the water faucet on Egypt and that this is an issue that threaten both the nation’s security and survival as a nation as they mislead them. The problem is that the government of Egypt couldn’t stick to a position between assuring the public that this is not a threat and between citing this as a threat that requires the National Unity dialogue always ends no result

On the other hand, honest scholars and rational politicians like Hamdeen Sabahy, Mohammoed  Elbaradai  and others realized that the delusional past  colonial glories that have nothing to do with current day realities.

This is rational thinking and able to work in harmony with ensuring mutual beneficiaries the up Nile riparian and down riparian countries. Today is the time to realize the African Renaissance under The Pan Africanism and see Peacefully, Prosperous Africa by Africans to link Africa through Green Energy and economy.

Egyptian brothers should not threaten but invest and participate actively in the construction of the Renaissance Dam of Ethiopia as historical and multi dimension advantages in Africa Renaissance.

Finally, We Ethiopian, Egyptians and our brother people, the member countries of the Nile Basin Initiative countries and of the Great Lake and let join hand to hand in a harmony realize the dam to see prosperous Africa in the new generation era and eradicate poverty from the land Africa.


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