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Ethiopian little girl fighting Saudi Arabian men

Tigrai Online, November 15, 2013

A little Ethiopian girl is seen in this video coming at Saudi Arabian men who are trying to harm her. The little girl couldn’t be more than eight years old and she is confronting the men knowing they are about to hurt her. It is amazing courage and Ethiopian spirit showing by the little Ethiopian girl in front of an eminent danger.

Ethiopian little girl fighting Saudi Arabian men
Ethiopian little girl fighting Saudi Arabian men with the spirit of Ethiopian courage. Many Ethiopians have been killed, raped, robbed and beaten in the barbarc country of Saudi Arabia by the police and thugs.

Many Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia have been subjected to so much suffering in the hands of the Saudi Arabian security forces and thugs.  The brutal crackdown on immigrants in Saudi Arabia spread to many cities and thousands of immigrants from many countries are being deported including sixty thousand Yemenis. There seems an element of racism involved when it comes to Africans in general and Ethiopians in particular. Some Ethiopians have lost their lives trying to protect their families from Saudi Arabian mobs.

The Ethiopian government has sent special envoys to facilitate the repatriation of Ethiopians to their country. The first 400 Ethiopians have arrived in Addis Ababa on November 13, 2013 morning. About 23, 000 (thousand) Ethiopian women, children and men are in a temporary deportation center waiting to be processed to fly back to Ethiopia.  The situation in the concentration camp is said to be extremely difficult.

The Ethiopian spirit will always prevail!