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Should the Ethiopian Christains rise up too?

Serebe Merid
August 10, 2013

Tigrai Online - It has been over a year since the extremist Wahabi-Salafist movement in Ethiopia tried to start bloodshed between the peaceful coexisting Muslim and Chastain populations of the country. The traditional Sunni Muslim Ethiopians didn’t have any problems in Ethiopia, especially after the EPRDF government declared in the new constitution all religions are equal in the eyes of the law.

A Somali man ready to be stoned to death by Al-Shabab
A Somali man ready to be stoned to death by Al-Shabab. The Jihadists want to take over Ethiopa and creat an Islamic state

The Salifi Jihadist movement’s goal is not to bring about equality and justice to Ethiopia, their real aim is to take over the government and rule Ethiopia by Sharia law.

Enemies of Ethiopia like Egypt and Eritrea are taking advantage of Salafi Jahadist movement and they are trying to spread it to the general Ethiopian Muslim society. The Egyptians and Eritreans can care less about the well being of the Ethiopian Muslims, but they are pouring millions of dollars to create division among Ethiopians and weaken the country.

The Muslim population in Ethiopia according to the 2007 national census is less than 34% or about 25 million. Majority of the Ethiopian Muslims are peace loving law abiding citizens, but the few with hidden agenda are trying to stir things up and crate chaos and destroy the fledgling democratic and economic development.

It should be abundantly clear to everyone that the Ethiopian Christian population is patiently waiting for the government to take decisive action and stop this extremely dangerous movement in the name of religion.

If things are not put under control ASAP the majority Ethiopians might rise up to protect their rights and way of life including their religion.

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