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The Ethiopian media should make some space for social issues other than politics.

By Tamiru Tefera
Tigrai Online, Oct. 14, 2014

Mr. Yilma Senaye’s article, “Beyond Political Rhetoric: A call to Ethiopian professionals and experts”, (Aiga forum 9/10/14) is a magnificent article. I like to thank Aiga forum for publishing this article. The article emphasized that Ethiopian professionals should debate in how to support health, education, economy development in Ethiopia. However, I believe that his call should not be limited to Ethiopian experts and intellectuals. His call should be to all Ethiopians regardless of their education and income level, age or gender. All of us can support and contribute to the development of our country.

I also believe that most political debates about Ethiopia are important. However, the media also should give space and time to articles like Mr. Yilma. From across the globe Ethiopians are trying to help their fellow citizens in Ethiopia. Some of them are raising funds to build roads, clinics, and worship places. And others travel to Ethiopia to work in orphanage, hospitals and schools. They all are trying to do what is important to them and their fellow citizens in Ethiopia. Other Ethiopians are doing their part by contributing $5, $10 or a $ 100 to support them. They do so by attending meetings, fund raising events such as dinner and concerts. And Ethiopian Media should also do their part by promoting and announcing such efforts and events.

Ethiopian Media should be a part of this noble mission. They should participate in promoting what Ethiopians around the globe doing to help Ethiopia. I know lots of organizations and individuals doing fund raising in every city, colleges, and churches. They are also doing fund raising on line (http://www.gofundme.com), or through different student and religious organizations. For example, Mr. Yilma's suggestions about helping Ethiopian children’s education can be accomplished if all Ethiopians support organizations who donate books to Ethiopia. I know one such organization which does exactly that in Atlanta, book for Africa (https://www.booksforafrica.org/donate/to-project.html).

Through this organization $10 can send 20 books to a university in Ethiopia. Ethiopian Media also can and should recognize individuals for their efforts and work. They can support them by promoting and publishing their events such as fund raising events, and story of accomplishments. All Ethiopians can do their part by participating and donating a few dollars to good will missions in Ethiopia. They can donate only $5, $10 a month for different projects and organization who do volunteer and charity work in Ethiopia.

Finally, we all can make a difference in the lives of our people in Ethiopia. We do not have to be intellectual or have a big income to do that. We can only give a few dollars to organizations, volunteer mission and projects in Ethiopia, and our contribution and support makes a big difference in the lives of our fellow citizens in Ethiopia.


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