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Ethiopia’s current so-called Final Offensive against the Tigrai forces is complete and utter disaster

Tigrai Online October 13, 2021


The so called ‘Final Offensive’ against the Tigrai forces this week is not going according the plan of Abiy Ahmed regime. Many top Tigrai military Force leaders indicated the Tigrai Forces have successfully repulsed and now they are pushing back the combined Ethiopian and expansionist Amhara armies. Advisor to the President of Tigrai, Mr. Getachew Reda said the following statement on his Twitter page.

“On the 3rd day of #Abiy’s so-called Final Offensive, our forces have successfully pushed back the enemy and captured most of the commanding heights in all fronts. We will go as far as it takes to break the siege on the children and women of Tigray. #TigrayShallPrevail!”


In an interview with New York Times a few days ago the former Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian forces and member of the Central Command of the Tigray Defense Forces, General Tsadkan Gebretensai is quoted as saying,

“The enemy has been preparing for months, and so have we,” said General Tsadkan, who previously commanded Ethiopia’s armed forces for a decade. He predicted the coming battle would be a “decisive moment” for the country. “The ramifications will be military, political and diplomatic,” he said. “I don’t think this will be a protracted fight — a matter of days, most probably weeks.”

About Abiy Ahmed’s ‘Final Offensive’

After four days of heavy bombardment TDF positions by fighter jets, attack helicopters, attack drones and heavy artillery, two days ago the Ethiopian government launched what they called a ‘Final Offensive’ in all fronts. The all out offensive is in its second day, but Tigrai forces are holding their ground in all fronts.


The United Nations, the United States government, the European Union and the rest of the international community are calling to end the fighting in Tigrai. They are also calling Ethiopia to allow humanitarian access, stop using rape, hunger, famine and violence against civilians as a weapon of war. The United States government have been calling for all parties to move toward a negotiated ceasefire for months. Despite all the calls the Ethiopian government launched yet another reckless offensive this week of October 2021. The aim of the new offensive seems to reenter to Tigrai to continue the genocide they started in November 2020. If that is not possible they wanted to maintain the deadly siege on the people of Tigrai which is already killing thousands of people from hunger.


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