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Redefining the political landscape
Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Opposition and Treason

By Taye Kelemu: London
Tigrai Online - June 12, 2013

There is a say which I have heard since my childhood, which goes like this “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.  Even though there may be some truth in to it, I feel the core concept of this cliché has been misused and wrongly applied by some Ethiopian politicians, as in the case of so-called political parties, mainly of the opposition, in and outside Ethiopia, namely OLF, Ginbot 7, ONLF, EPPF and others.

As a liberal person I am always pro multi political parties system, democracy and justice. I do not have any political grunge on any political party whether they belong to the left or right category; as long as they respect and obey the national constitution and acquire political office through the ballot box.  However, the current political history of Ethiopia showed us that some political parties have chosen to acquire political office not by the ballot box but by bullet such as OLF and Ginbot 7. 

In politics it may be true that, when acquiring political officer through the ballot box is not possible, it may become necessary to raise arms and fight.  It had been true for Mao’s China, it had been true for Castro’s Cuba and it is true for EPDRF, well I was not true for Gandhi India.  However when the existing constitution gives power to the citizens to be organised and utilise the democratic process to acquire office through the ballot box, raising arms to do that cannot be the best option; even if the democratisation process in a country is at its enfant stage.  

As I have said, whatever justification they may have, a few political parties have opted for bullet than ballot box.  It has been some time too since they said they are in the bush.  I wish them good luck.  But my point is not that. The point is these political organisations have adopted injudicious policy based on the cliché I highlighted in the first paragraph of this article “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.  As we know such policy has given them bogus legitimacy to sleep with the enemy of the Ethiopian people as well as their own enemy.  Hence most so-called oppositions, OLF, EPPF and so on one way or the other have installed themselves in Asmara and Cairo for the love afire made in hell.  Since it is an open secret I do not need to discuss the extent of the love affair between those oppositions and Esayas, we have seen and heard enough. 

Now the Egyptian politicians with their naïve or shrewdly calculated political move they have named most Ethiopian opposition, OLF and ONLF as friend in arms to destroy Ethiopia’s dream.  It may be that since they cannot pronounce Ginbot 7 they did not mention it but I bet Ginbot 7 is also in the pocket of Asmara and Cairo.  Here I do not have enough words to thank the Egyptian for their official confirmation, but what they have to know is that the story is not new for us.  Just to remind them I kindly refer them to a video clip on YouTube to learn how our great teacher and leader His Excellency the late PM Meles Zenawi explained to the Ethiopian Parliament what the Egyptian  option would be in the case of the Grand Renaissance Dam [1]. In summery as I understand Meles, he said that, because of internal and external factors Ethio-Egype war is unlikely, and no one will lose sleep over it. But manipulating and using internal lunatic is more likely and it is possible to deploy them destabilised Ethiopia. That is our main concern.

In recent televised the Egyptian cabinet members meeting [2] suggested using the so-called opposition party to destroy or sabotage the Grand Renaissance Dam. Now the question is whether the so-called opposition will officially accept the offer or not. I hope the latter happens; sadly that is not the case.[3]

Before I go further let me give you one history lesson: those in politics have heard or read about Mao, Chiang and Japan. Here is the story: “Shortly after the death of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, leader of the Guomindang, or Kuomindang, in 1924, Chiang Kai-shek became his replacement. Sooner than later, communism rose to great heights in China. Led by Mao Zedong, Communist factions became great threats to the rule of Kai-shek and his Guomindang. Even during World War II, when the Japanese military took control of Manchuria, Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong kept constant eyes on each other, even when forming a temporary alliance in order to eradicate their common enemy”[4] Namely Japan. What Mao did was cooperating with his internal enemy to purge out his external one. He did not cooperate with Japan to defeat his internal enemy for that matter his country. Now we clearly see that the concept of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” did not work for Mao. I do not know how it will work for the so-called Ethiopian opposition.

Playing on nation and nationalities differences is quite known dirtily and feeble political game. In fact it is an instrument for those who have short team political vision, weakest political agenda and geopolitical strategic agenda.  That is what the Egyptian politicians have been trying to impose on the so called oppositions. But it is up to the politicians to be wise and chose the best route to office.  If politicians opt to be in the hands of their own people’s enemy, they are not only harming the people they think they represent but eventually they will pay the ultimate price for it. This is true when we study the infatuated relationship between the so-called EPPF and Esayas in Asmara.[5] After the honeymoon is over EPPF has paid heavy price for its love afire with Asmara. I do not think the possible marriage between any opposition and Cairo will not be a fairy-tale marriage either.

The calling of Ethiopian opposition by the Egyptian politicians to be Egyptians’ Askari and take a mission to destroy our national dream may have unintended consequences for the Ethiopian political landscape. Any political opposition aiming for office in Ethiopia not only need to respect and obey the constitution but they have to follow the Ethiopian dream.  Dream for development; dream for fighting poverty and dream for renaissance. 

This may also apply for those who are making an unnecessary disturbance under the name of religion and those who have come out recently in different colour and shape.  In fact we have seen enough here in the West from the so-called opposition calling demonstration after demonstration against the Grand Renaissance Dam and cursing anyone who has purchased the bond.  The question is why? Are they Egyptian messengers?  If so, why they send them? Whom they are going to benefit, Egyptian? Certainly, not the Ethiopian people interest.   

Accepting the Egyptian call and becoming Egypt’s Askari to destroy our nation’s dream will not only lead to political bankruptcy but it is the ultimate treason. Here I call upon the Ethiopian people to deal Askaris accordingly and swiftly.

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILWYNjR4-TQ&feature=youtu.be  Meles Explaining what the Egyptians could do? - [Renaissance Dam]

[2] http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/egypt-politicians-advise-attacking-ethiopia-19315476#.UbghAJzPRr3: Egyptian Politicians: Sabotage Ethiopia's New Dam By HAMZA HENDAWI Associated Press CAIRO June 3, 2013 (AP)

[3] Mormor Caalaa says: @ http://ayyaantuu.com 10/06/2013 at 1:26 am

The controversial Dam is against international law and it destroys ecology in as caused evictions of people without compensations for farmers and fishermen within Ethiopia. As Oromos we condemn TPLF Tigray government of Ethiopia and demand international community to stop financing the Dam and to ask TPLF government to put an end to the Dam projects completely.


[4] http://voices.yahoo.com/chiang-kai-shek-vs-mao-zedong-assessment-political-11484418.html?cat=37: Chiang Kai-shek Vs. Mao Zedong: An Assessment of Political Prowess: By Jonathan Frahm, Yahoo! Contributor Network

[5] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jrsf44kzjpM: EPPF ለምን ኢ.ሕ.አ.ግ ከኤርትራ ወጣ? Yenesew Radio Ethiopia 1st part: Discussion with Professor Muse

Redefining the political landscape Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Opposition and Treason
The Ethiopian Government says the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will not stop even for one second.

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