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Mola Asgedom chairman of TPDM talks to his soldiers after crossing to Ethiopia
Mola Asgedom Leader of the group Tigrai People's Democratic Movement-TPDM explains how his group fought their way out of Eritrea destroying Eritrean army on their way. TPDM not only show how weak the Eritrean army is, but they humiliated and shamed them.

Ginbot-7, Arbegnoch, and DMHIT Merger collapsed leaders and rebel soldiers fleeing from Eritrea

Tigrai Online, September 12, 2015

Ginbot-7, Arbegnoch, and DMHIT Merger collapsed leaders and rebel soldiers fleeing from Eritrea
Hundreds of members of Ethiopian rebel groups are fleeing from Eritrea and arriving in the border towns in Sudan. Above are a newly arrived TPDM, Ginbot-7, and EPPF soldiers.

The merger between Ginpot-7, Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy, Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF) Tigray Peoples Democratic Movement (TPDM) has collapsed. The New Shabiya creation was known by the new name “Arbegnoch-Ginbot7 for Unity and Democracy Movement”.

The new group was a collection of disgruntled, confused, and angry people and terrorist sellouts who wanted to destroy Ethiopia with help of Eritrea and the Arab countries.  The so called union which was announced with huge fanfare and hoopla last summer was suppose to march to Tigrai State with a great army wipe out the TPLF in Tigrai and continue on to Addis Ababa in a very short time.


Dr. Berhanu Nega and other senior leaders of Ginbot-7 quit their jobs in the United States of America and Europe to join the phantom army in Eritrea. As all of you remember we were told the days of Woyane was numbered.

Between then and now something in the union has gone horribly wrong, the merger between the groups has failed and hundreds of rebel soldiers are fleeing from Eritrea to the Sudan and to Ethiopia.

Credible reports has indicated some 680 TPDM rebel soldiers including the chairman of the group Mola Asghdom has fled to the Sudan. The Eritrean army after it was alerted about the movement of the rebel group tried to stop them and a huge fire fight between Shabiya soldiers and TPDM rebels was reported. The TPDM, Ginbot-7 and members of the EPPF rebels fought their way to the border towns of Sudan.

Hundreds of Ethiopian rebel soldiers and their leaders fleeing from Eritrea arrive in border towns in Sudan
Hundreds of Ethiopian rebel soldiers and their leaders fleeing from Eritrea arrive in border towns in Sudan

The Sudanese government is trying to sort the whole thing out keeping the newly arriving rebel soldiers who are entering the Sudan with their arms in temporary camps.

The Sudanese border guards and troops patrolling the border with Sudan were overwhelmed by the sheer number of these rebel groups arriving at once. Some Eritrean opposition websites are reporting many Eritrean Sawa boys and girls are taking advantage of the situation to escape from their country also.

So far there is no clear indication why the union between those various terrorist groups collapsed, but it might be connected to the recently announced threat of invasion to the tiny nation by Ethiopia.

Some members of the Ethiopian Intelligence have confirmed that hundreds of rebels are giving their hands to the Ethiopian army as the situation is getting worst in Eritrea. Meantime Sudanese and Ethiopian governments have started discussions about how to repatriate those rebels who are willing to go back to Ethiopia.

Ethiopian rebels fleeing from Eritrea and arriving Sudan
Newly arrived Ethiopain rebel group soldiers fleeing from Eritrea are guarded by Sudanese troops.

It seems the Eritrean government announcement might have some merit. If it is not an all out invasion from Ethiopia, something really scary is coming to Eritrea. If it wasn’t the case why would these rebel groups decide to fight their way out of Eritrea? Either way it is a great victory for Ethiopia and another devastating blow for the gangs in Asmara.

Tigrai Online would like to use this occasion to congratulate those who decided to get out of the hell hole before it is too late. If any war breaks out between Eritrea and Ethiopia, Shabiya would have used you as cannon fodders.

UPDATE Sept. 13, 2015
Sudan Tribune has reported yesterday afternoon about the Ethiopian rebel groups and Eritrea, the situation is still tense. It said some of the gunfight took place on the triangle border between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan in the Eritrean side in the town of Omahajer on Friday morning. After the battle between TPDM and Shabiyan troops the TPDM soldiers crossed the border to Hamdait a small town inside Sudan. There was causalities reported but so far the number of dead is not clear. The leaders of the rebel group has been moved to unspecified place inside Sudan.

UPDATE Sept. 14, 2015

TPDM is the force Shabiya and Berhanu Nega was boasting around as their own for the past few years. Actually the Eritrean Satellite Television - ESAT reffered to it as the armed wing of Gibot-7. Now the same group is mowing Shabya soldiers inside Eritrea. The Eritreans and Berhanu Nega planned to unleash Tigraians against Tigraians, littlie did they know about our people. Well there you have it for today.

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