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Ethiopians in Washington D.C., Held Demonstration in Support of the Ethiopian National Flag

Tigrai Online, Oct. 5, 2014

Ethiopians worldwide reacted angrily to last month’s storming of Ethiopian embassy in Washington D.C. and disrespecting our national flag. Demonstrations have taken place in many cities in the United States, Europe and Australia.

The Ethiopian government indicated the thugs and extremists were sent by the Eritrean government to overshadow the praises President Obama gave to Ethiopian economic miracle a week before the few terrorists got in to the embassy, took down the Ethiopian flag and stomped on it.

Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans who reside in the city of Washington D.C. organized a demonstration to support our flag and condemn the disrespect to our flag and embassy.

The Ethiopian government is demanding the State Department to bring the embassy intruders to justice and prosecuted according international law. The Ethiopian embassy in Washington D.C. is a sovereign land of Ethiopia and any intrusion to the embassy is considered an invasion.

The fair question is what would happen if a similar invasion happened to any one of the American embassies anywhere in the world?

Ethiopians in Washington D.C. demonstrate in support of the Ethiopian flag
Ethiopians in Washington D.C. demonstrate in support of the Ethiopian flag and express their anger against those disrespect the flag and our embassy.

A huge anger has been brewing against those who work for Shaebya and the Egyptian government against the Ethiopian people. Now Ethiopians throughout the world are planning to turn the table on the slaves of the Eritrean government.


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