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European Union wants to give 226 million in development aid to Eritrea

Tigrai Online, September 18, 2015

European Union wants to give 226 million in development aid to Eritrea
The European Union is trying to agree on giving 200 million Euros or $226 million us dollars development aid for the Eritrea regime


The European Union is trying to agree on giving 200 million Euros or $226 million us dollars development aid for Eritrea. The EU has been talking about this aid package for Eritrea, however the European Commission itself could not agree on the issue. We are sure the union will not agree to give any money to the Eritrean regime, but even if they agree and gave him the money it would not be enough to resuscitate the dying regime.

The European Union is not trying to help the Eritrean people from its own goodness, instead the EU is trying to stop the thousands of Eritrean refugees flooding Europe every month. "This would be a development contribution to the root causes of migration in Eritrea" Neven Mimica, the EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, said in a news conference in Nairobi.

The EU’s policy is based in an illusion, because the Eritrean refugees are not leaving their country for economic opportunities rather they are fleeing from the worst brutal dictator in the world. The political environment in Eritrea is so bad Eritrea is dubbed as the “North Korea of Africa”. In light of the above facts the EU’s effort to stem the exodus from the tiny nation in the Horn of Africa is futile. On the contrary this money might make things worse for the people by breathing life to a dying regime.

The Eritrean regime crumbling fast

The Ethiopian government has been working not only to limit the destructing influence in the Horn of Africa, but to stop this brutal regime from damaging Ethiopian security and development. The No War No Peace policy has produced stunning results for Ethiopia.

The fake façade put by the Eritrean gangsters as the supreme military might in the Horn of Africa was exposed in the Badme war in a humiliating way. The whole world including the majority of the Eritrean people know the Shabiya group is a power hungry, greedy group with absolute disregard for the Eritrean people’s cause. Time and again Shabiya exposed the Eritrean people to unnecessary danger to satisfy its own political and economic ambitions. The Gangs in Asmara are the most selfish, hateful, backward and egotistical in the entire Horn of African region.

The Eritrean government miscalculated military adventures landed it in the wrong place, Ethiopia. The day Shabiya invaded Ethiopia was the beginning of the end. It’s childish attempt to pit Tigraians against Tigraians by creating the TPDM exploded on it’s face last week when the TPDM soldiers more or less all of them came to Ethiopia. The TPDM didn’t only crush the deadly dream of the Eritrean government to start civil war in Tigrai and Ethiopia, but they opened the possibility to the Eritrean soldiers by showing them how to escape from hell.

Reports of fighting coming from inside Eritrea

There is unconfirmed news coming from social media sources that say fighting is going on a few kilometers north of the town of Omahajer in Eritrea. The sound of small arms and heavy weapons can be heard all around the area. It is not clear who is fighting who or who is shooting at whom.  Some small groups of TPDM who were not able to cross to Ethiopia or Sudan because the traitor Mekonen Tesfay leaked the plan of TPDM to the Eritrean government might be fighting with Eritrean army units to cross to Ethiopia. It could also be between the Eritrean army itself.

The situation seems getting worst after the TPDM rebels abandoned the Eritrean regime a week ago. The report of intermittent fighting is still coming.

After all the European Union might have to reconsider giving any aid to the dying regime because by the time they reach an agreement, there is a great possibility they might be dealing with a brand new government in Eritrea.

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