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Exposing Abiy Ahmed’s and Isaias Afeworki’s crimes against Humanity

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online Feb. 25, 2021


I ask the ICC (International criminal court), the UNHCR (United Nation Higher commission for refugees) and other concerned bodies to request the “Innovative project” that Mr. Abiy Ahmed had given to the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu two years ago concerning the Eritrean refugees. Why? Such credible pieces of information would become relevant in the independent investigations on how Mr. Abiy Ahmed and Mr. Isaias Afeworki were planning a genocidal war against the peaceful Tigray people and its democratically elected government since 2018.

Since 2018, Mr. Abiy Ahmed and Mr. Isaias Afeworki were executing a political conspiracy to wage war against the people of Tigray and against the Eritrean refugees who reside in Tigray. The plan was to repatriate young Eritrean refugees from Tigray and Israel to forcefully recruit them into the Eritrean Army to attack Tigray from every direction.

In November 4, 2020 Abiy and Isaias implemented their barbaric political conspiracy against Tigray in violation of the international law. Still they are committing all forms of crimes against humanity inside Tigray.


Why Abiy Ahmed had to deal with Israel about Eritrean refugees while Eritrea has its own leader? The main reason why PM Netanyahu should disclose the Abiy Ahmed’s “Innovative project” to return Eritrean refugees to Eritrea gives clear evidence that Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea were planning to wage war against Tigray. Secondly, there was a premeditated plan to hunt, persecute Eritrean refugees and to destroy the Eritrean refugee camps that were in Tigray by the joint Ethiopian and Eritrean military invasions. Thirdly, the “innovative project” to return Eritrean refugees to Eritrea was part of the grand project of the genocidal war against the people of Tigray.

As per Abiy’s and Isaias’s plan, since November 4, 2020 they have massacred as many as they can behind closed doors. And the remaining people are made to starve to death. The secretary general of the Norwegian refugee counsel Jan Egeland, stated that all his years as an aid worker he has rarely seen a humanitarian response so impeded and unable to deliver in response for so long, to so many with such pressing needs.

According to UN as many as 20,000 missing after two camps in Ethiopia-Tigray region were destroyed. Many refugees were abducted and forced to return to Eritrea under duress by Eritrean forces (Aljazeera.com/news2/2/2021Ethiopia).


 “No wonder, for Satan pretends as an angel of light.”(2 Corinthians 11:14). So, it is no surprise if Mr. Abiy Ahmed deceived the Norwegian Noble Peace committee as if he is a reformer and a peacemaker while he is a deformer and a trouble maker in Ethiopia and in the entire east African region. He masquerades as if he is a devout evangelical while he is a pathological liar, and a wicked witch-blood thirsty murderer.

Mr. Abiy, with the direct order of his mentor, Mr. Isaias Afeworki, lead a state sponsored genocide, looting, raping, and defamation campaign against Tigray and the Tigrayan. He deceived the Ethiopian and Somalian youths and sent them to Tigray to become a sacrificial lamb for his blood thirsty ancestral spirits. Both Mr. Abiy and Mr. Isaias used the Somalia youths as cannon fodders in the war in Tigray.

Mr. Abiy Ahmed not only invited the savage forces from Eritrea, and the Amara Ethnic Militias to attack the civilized and peaceful society of Tigray, but also he is still encouraging them to continue looting, raping, and killing unarmed civilians in Tigray.

The US, the UK, and the EU are directly asking the invading Eritrean and Ethiopian troops to leave from Tigray. And everybody has to expose Abiy Ahmed’s and Isaias Afeworki’s crimes against humanity and bring the culprits to the ICC.


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