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Fear, Distrust and confusion spreads in Eritrea with the mass defection of TPDM

Tigrai Online, September 15, 2015

After Mola Asgedom and TPDM army mass defection confusion spreads in Eritrea
After highly traind TPDM rebels and their leader Mola Asgedom defected to Ethiopia, mass onvusion and fear of war spreading in Ertrea

Following the news of TPDM forces mass defection, fear and confusion among the Eritrean population is spreading like a wild fire. The largest and the strongest armed group was working with the Ethiopian intelligence and security agencies for years collecting and passing sensitive military information is devastating to the Eritrean regime.


The real security ramification of the situation is beyond the scope of this article, but you can imagine having enemy agents in the highest places of a trusted military group would have serious consequences for the Eritrean government. What we have to remember is TPDM though not that big in numbers, they were highly trained, armed and most of all highly trusted by the ageing Eritrean dictator. Those with intimate knowledge say Isaias Afwerki and Mola Asgedom were so close the Eritrean dictator trusted Mola more than his own generals.

Due to his relationship with Isaias Afwerki Mola Asgedom was well placed to be the perfect undercover agent to work for the Ethiopian intelligence. As Mola Asgedom indicated himself he and his group were working to undermine the terrorist groups plans to destabilize Ethiopia in many ways including forcing Berhanu Nega and other signor Ginbot-7 leaders to come to Eritrea permanently.

The Eritrean president’s background is 75% from Tigrai, Ethiopia in both his mother and father’s side. For that reason he always surrounds himself with people who have similar background. There are many high level officials in both Ethiopia and Eritrea whose families belong to both countries so that is not unique to Isaias, what is unique about him is he is backward and racist. That is the only reason he personally made sure TPDM was the strongest militarily more than the rest of the so called “freedom fighters” based in Eritrea. Also the main reason he was so close to the chairman of TPDM/DMHIT, Mola Asgedom.  What he didn’t know was Mola was using him to gain extremely valuable information which will be handy to demolish his brutal regime when the time is right. As a result of the recent TPDM entire group defection, the Eritrean dictator is in a depressed mood. Everybody around him is nervously waiting what action the diabolical maniac dictator will take next.

The relationship between the terrorist groups in Eritrea and their sponsoring government is in awkward and tense situation. The main reason is no one knows who is a spy who is not. No one for sure knows who is working for the Ethiopian government and what kind of mission they might have. What if there are some moles in the army itself?

Now the Eritrean Dictator and his top military leaders are dumfounded with their eyes wide open like a deer caught in the headlights. They thought they were fooling the Tigraians boasting around how they are going to use thousands heavily armed Tigraians to wipe out TPLF Woyane government in Ethiopia. In reality the Tigraians played them like a violin. That is not all, about 800 TPDM fighters fought their way out of the middle of Eritrea wiping out the Sawa boys and girls who are supposed to defend Eritrea. What would happen if the gallant professional Ethiopian army decides to attack with all the might it has? How many of the rag tag sawa boys and girls will stand fight?

Our sources who are outside of Eritrea with close ties to an Eritrean military official are saying some of the army people are seriously questioning the wisdom of arming foreigners and having them run the country. Also many are suspicious of the timing mass defection by TPDM. On top of that Andy brought tones of information about Ginbot-7 not long ago.   All this is adding to the fear and anxiety of the general population Ethiopia might launch an attack if not an all out war but a huge military incursion to disrupt and destroy the terrorist bases.

A massage to all remaining Ethiopian groups in Ethiopia, follow your fellow Ethiopians and come to your country before it is too late.

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