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In the case of Tigrai, all the international norms and rules are dead, RIP

Fitsum Aberra
Tigrai Online 10/28/2022

The international norms and rules of the nations of the world, the preservation of sovereignty, protecting civilians and noncombatants, restraining the use of force, etc. are buried in the body of our blessed motherland, who has been going alone to fight off the genocidal, barbaric, and driven by hate war for the last two years.


During these unheard of atrocities, the world has been seeing it glaringly and yet there has been no action to intervene and stop the war. The world could not even call the war by its true name, genocidal war. I wish Tigray were located somewhere in the Western hemisphere so it could get attention and supportive intervention like Ukraine is getting. I wish all human beings were color blind. To see a small state being invaded and attacked by many countries, besieged, deprived of food, medicine, power, banking, internet, education, etc. is beyond mind boggling, to say the least. To see the world ignoring these facts is a dumbfound and a dumb way to die. Why is this negligence happening? I believe it is not only about the self-interest of superpowers. It is also moral decadence, immorality, vice, and dissipation. Anything less is an understatement and foolishly sugar coated.

It is not the first time that the nations of the world have collectively failed the morality test of humanity. What happened during the genocidal wars of Rwanda waged by the Hutus, Algeria perpetrated by France, Namibia executed by German colonialists, Armenia by the Turkish Empire, the Jewish holocaust by the Germans again, slave trade inhumanity by the USA, etc. are vivid examples of the culture of the world.

The ignorance and inaction over what is going on in Tigray is a super example of humanity at its worst. The world institutions and nations have never learned from any of the past or present genocides. They have never created and developed a framework of genocide prevention action plans, so much so that history has been getting unstoppable opportunities to repeat and repeat itself. History loves an unlearning society.

Let us also be reminded of ourselves that what we need at this time is to talk, write, and outcry about the inhumane and terrible life that our people are going through, not about seeking zena awot.


As far as the the war in Tigrai, all the international norms and rules are dead


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