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Neamin Zeleke confirmed there is a warm and cordial relation between G-7 and the Eritrean government

By Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC.
Tigrai Online, September 27, 2015

Neamin Zeleke admited to VOA there is cordial relation between Ginbot-7 and Eritrea
The United Kingdom professional Football Club Arsenal, is partnering with Dashen Beer in Ethiopia

Neami n Zeleke, one of the leaders of Ginbot-7 unequivocally admits his organization is supported by Eritrea. Ginbot-7 has been designated as a terrorist group by the Ethiopian parliament a few years ago. Neamin Zeleke had gone recently to Eritrea, to destabilize Ethiopia and topple the democratically elected government of Ethiopia, under the command of the pariah state of Eritrea.  In a recent interview he gave to the VOA Amharic program, Neamin in no uncertain words admitted to the overall support made by the one man dictatorial regime of Eritrea to the Ginbot-7 extremist organization.


He boastingly said that today more than any time, there exists a deeper understanding and coordination between Ethiopian terrorist and extremist organizations, that plant mines in Ethiopia from their bases inside Eritrea.

Mean while Neamin categorically denied the fact that Molla Asgedom the leader of the TPDM  who heroically returned  to his motherland obliterating Shaebian  forces that stood on his way had a chunk of the armed soldiers, in his  own words close to 800 armed  fighters, as insignificant.

The hate monger was repeating anti-Ethiopia sloganeering calling for instability and chaos to surface in the country.  Some of the sloganeering he kept repeating included curses hurled against the prevailing Constitutional order

Neamin in his interview was simply blubbering antiquated slogans that stood in sharp contrast to today's Ethiopian reality wherein the people are persevering and striving hard to realize justice, peace, development, democracy and good governance in place of the defiled and much hated unjust feudal and military status quo.

During the interview he was blind-folded by sheer hate and lack of sincerity when he was shouting unfounded allegations. One could discern insincerity from his interview which focused on name calling and an outright campaign of character assassination for which he devoted most of his time in futility.

According to some observers who followed the interview given the shoddy blubbering, it amply demonstrates that the leadership of Ginbot-7 and the few extremist elements of the Diaspora were totally out of touch of the silent majority here.  They are deliberately blind-folded to the objective reality presently obtaining in Ethiopia and to the efforts of the government to swiftly change the image of Ethiopia

What is more, the observers argued that it is a sad story when the so called G-7 leadership and its blind followers; the few extremists have no heart at all as this time around, differences aside it would have been better to see the big picture I.E. instead of pin pointing their accusatory fingers at the government which is doing its level best to address the daunting issue right away.

It is unfortunate that we have such an opposition which ignores to support the needy citizens when the only option is to do the best for those who deserve most in place of spewing hatred, they underlined.

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