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Tigrai State police force captured 7 Eritrean terrorists near Adi Arkai town

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, December 10, 2015

Tigrai State police force captured 7 Eritrean terrorists near Adi Arkai town
Tigrai State police forces captured 7 Eritrean government sponsored terrorists in northern Ethiopia

The Ginbot 7 terrorists were on their way to carry out a terrorist mission in the area. The group was trained and transported by the Eritrean mafia government across the border fully armed.


The group was captured without shooting a single bullet.

Time and again Shabiya is sending hundreds of terrorist groups to kill Ethiopian civilians and destroy property and the Ethiopian security forces foil these evil missions most of the time, but sometimes they get through. How long should the Ethiopian people watch their back from Eritrean created trained, and supported terror groups? Now the Arabs have established a military base in Assab they can directly connect with all these anti Ethiopian forces.

Why is the Eritrean government actively provoking Ethiopia by sending these groups and the EPRDF government is doing nothing except pushing back?

Take a look at this news we published about terrorists sent from Eritrea to Ethiopia. There are many more incidents that took Ethiopian lives in Sheraro, Humera, Rama, and other places but we want to show you sample of what was happening in the past few years.

Eritrean sponsored terrorists annihilated by Ethiopian security forces
June 12, 2013

Terrorists trained, armed and dispatched by Eritrea have inflicted a major blow to Ethiopian tourism by killing five foreign tourists in Ethiopia’s Regional State of Afar.
January. 18 2012

Ethiopian Security forces destroyed Eritrean terrorists in western Tigrai Tigrai Onlne
November 27, 2013

The gallant Ethiopian security forces wiped out 30 Eritrean mercenaries in the northern Tigrai state. The armed bandits were trying to sneak in to northern Tigrai, but they were made to expire right at the border. Photo from file Tigrai Online,
July 10, 2015

It is past due for the Ethiopian government to take concrete, measurable and effective military action against the Eritrean brutal mafia group in Asmara. The gangsters in Asmara and their Arab handlers only understand one language and it called military force.


We don’t understand why the Ethiopian government so quite to the point of indifference when it comes to Eritrean sponsored terrorist attacks in Ethiopia.  While the Eritrean government is openly threading and carrying out military action against the Ethiopian people and Ethiopian sovereignty, Ethiopian authorities’ reaction is to repeat the same boring mantra, “if Eritrea attacks us we will take proportional measured action”, well Eritrea is attacking you on a daily bases what are you doing to defend the people in the border areas?

Ethiopia has been successful on foiling most of the Eritrean sponsored terrorist attacks for now, but one day they might become successes on their mission we can’t afford to take that chance. The best defense is the best offense.

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