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When desperate people sink lowest than the low

By Desta Maru
Tigrai Onlne - September 7, 2014

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When we talk about something or do something; our thinking, understanding, inner self, hopes, weakness etc … will become clear to our audience.  And this decides what other people think about us; with regards to our etiquette … “It’s not what you say, but what you do”.

H.E. Mr. Redwan Hussein, head of Ethiopia's communication affairs

H.E. Mr. Redwan Hussein, head of Ethiopia's communication affairs

I’m sure you understand that I have reason for bringing this up here. I found it to be expressive of the recent farcical act of scoundrels and vandals I saw on various social Medias; an act orchestrated by members of the US based ‘Ginbot 7’, a Shabiya private company. This is the full story…. Minister of office of government communication affairs Ato Redwan Hussien recently went to US on work related visit. After finishing his work, he faced a marathon of insults from ‘Ginbot 7’ minions in an Un-Ethiopian manner. They spewed uncivilized words, while living in a civilized world and times.  They have officially put out their rotten nature for all the Ethiopian people to see. As if they can save their deteriorating squad of rascals of an “organization” by making hollers, they have shouted at the top of their lungs – a crow shout/a pointless and empty shout in the middle of nowhere. Basically it was a futile propaganda where the likes of Mesay Mekonnen, member of the hate-mongering television network ‘ESAT’, participated in…

I think that it’s obvious these people’ ‘shouting politics’ implicates the political direction and adhered strategy of ‘Ginbot 7’. Their exposed rotten nature gives a glimpse into the failed political game and empty barks of their political “organization”. The fact that the terrorist group ‘Ginbot 7’ is deteriorating and has no hopes recovering, even if its healed, is attested in a recent interview given by none other than the now former general-secretary-terrorist, Ato Andargachew Tsige. He said in his words, “there is no other (in the “organization”) that can do what I was doing…. It was me who was shouldering most of the responsibility. When I am talking to you (the interviewer) now, I’m only scanning through their names”. He basically stressed that he’s the alpha and omega of the terrorism.

This remark of Ato Andargachew Tsige directs us to one fact. That is the man’s comment not only has the connotation of ‘there are none that can lead ‘Ginbot 7’ other than me’, but he also indirectly made it clear that the likes of Dr Berhanu Nega are amateurs that are simply wandering in the ‘Shabiya-specialized ‘ terrorism - by saying, “I’m only scanning through their names”. The Agenda-laden politics of ‘Ginbot 7’, however, did not stop from making noise in the wake of Ato Andargachew’s arrest by Yemeni Security forces and his subsequent extradition to Ethiopian government and people. It has disseminated its propaganda.  Without any shame what so ever, as if the man’s is some kind of a ‘hero liberator’, the likes of the terrorist group leader and its personal mouthpiece ‘ESAT’ have disseminated a song called ‘my hero’ from American. Though I’m not privy to who’s behind this farce, whether its Ato Isaias himself, who rumors are saying is behind Ato Andargahew’s other weeding in Asmara, or the ‘BANDA’ doctor, who at one time took 500 thousand birr for six months work expenses, the man (Ato Andargachew) was praised and eulogized nonstop.  “------“

As the terror group’s political move is random and unsystematic, it didn’t take them much time to move back on their ‘hero’ propaganda; like all the ‘Andargachew never lies; he isn’t the type that back down for what he believed in’ heroine comments were never made.  Within weeks, they claimed “there are no confidential documents in the hands of Ato Andargachew. The much talked about ‘password’ are keys only to some researches, it doesn’t hold any documents related to (the group’s) operation. So he can in no way hurt us”. But we have heard Ato Andargachew in our own ears saying, “The major issues are on the confiscated hard discs and on various flash discs.” He also disclosed that the passwords are indeed the major piece of the puzzle.

When hearing these kinds of contradicting and hoax comments being made, obviously we inevitably put into question the terrorist-doctor’s “all-knowing-mind”. Is this the limit of the so-called “doctor economist”; is this his limit? ... how can he say the same person that a week ago he claimed to be both his own and the organization’s “key man, soldier, hero”, (including the fact that this person liasoned between Shabiya and the terror group) don’t know anything about the inner workings and going abouts of the “organization” … or is it a new slick way of promoting oneself by downplaying Ato Andargachew’s importance while at the same time overselling his worth? … This is what I was referring to in my introductory part – that the terror group is nothing but a set of very few scoundrels that scream contradicting rhetoric, while not having any agenda or any hint of political knowledge.

All in all, as far as I can understand, retracting back on their own comments, like falsely painting Ato Andargachew as a liar after bemoaning that he’s an honorable man that don’t lie only a week ago, and throwing vulgar insults at visiting public officials will not save the group from ailing and going on the ebb. Throwing vulgar insults as an agenda will amount to nothing except for showing how low a level the group has sunk. Then again a group that’s always on the defeated end of the lane will take or consider taking cheap shots and throwing vulgar insults as an option.

The insults thrown at Ato Redwan Hussien by very few minions of the terror group is an implication on the failings of the terrorist ‘Ginbot 7’. This is also because we have seen these kinds of episodes from the terror group before. (Here I would like you, my dear readers, to remember  the rumored ‘ESAT’ Managing director, Abebe Gelaw’s burst and scream at the great leader Ato Meles Zenawi’s deliberation about Ethiopia’s rapid and sustainable growth on World economy forum held in US two years back). This can serve as evidence that the agenda-laden terrorist group’s mafia style “scream politices” isn’t the first time being used.

The fact that ‘Ginbot 7’ is an agenda-laden terrorist group is attested by none other than the group’s own leaders. I have heard in my own ears ‘Ginbot 7’ leaders saying that the “organization” doesn’t have or need any kind of political direction and program, whilst claiming to bring a change in regime while sitting in their chairs. Of course it’s obvious that when the terrorist Doctor says ‘we don’t have foreign affair, education, health etc… programs or don’t need them’, he’s telling us ‘our objective is only to carry out the agenda of Shabiya.

What they are telling us is their goal to realize Ato Isaias Afwerki’s barren hope of seeing a regime change in Ethiopia. Nevertheless, either I or any readers of this article don’t understand how a political change is possible without any political path or direction. The comment is not only contradictory but, it’s almost like scoundrels and vandals prank. Of course it’s understandable that the terrorist doctor Ato Berhanu and his peers are confused considering how his money obsessed mind is always angling on how he’ll get his hands on the commission from the Asmara’s terrorist-in-chief pockets.

As the terror group doesn’t have any directives of struggle, it doesn’t need any study to see that its fate will be no different from its godfather, Shabiya. For this I can raise some similarities between the two – as terrorists can only compared and likened to other terrorists … The Asmara’s dictatorial administration left Sahel Mountains for Asmara with its innate undemocratic, militaristic bravado and parasitic behavior intact. It didn’t shake them off even after seizing power. These demons have not been easy for shabiya to exorcise. As a consequence, there was not a single havoc stone left unshaken by the regime to appear as the region’s top dog. The regime has especially dreamed on growing on the backs of neighboring counties’ natural wealth - though that dream turned into a nightmare. Waking up from its nightmares, it found itself on the receiving end of two major sanctions from the international community for the mess its havoc strategy created. Subsequent to international condemnation and uproar, it had no choice but to encircle itself alone in its own island. Today, in an effort to cover up it’s failing with dry-propaganda, its ---- through its lies fabricating mill of a television station ‘Ert TV’.

 …. As it can be recalled, the Sahbiya-made terrorist group ‘Ginbot 7’ was seen clashing and going against the tide of democracy through a havoc squad by the name of ‘QINIJIT’ during election ’97. As this nature of the group can only liken to the gun-powder-crazed Eritrea’s regime, it was conceived it in the terror world in Asmara and bear in Pennsylvania, USA. Here it should be noted that its not only undemocratic proclivities the leaders of the terror group braced US with, but also the regime’s military bravadoes. As a consequence, the terror group has served itself as a shooting stone for ‘BANDAS’ on its own country – although its not successful in its endeavor. In line with the Asmara’s honcho daydream of growing on the back of other countries’ natural resources, the terror group leaders, the rent-seekers they are fantasize about entering into ‘Arat Kilo’ palace on the back of Ato Isaias sitting afar on their chairs, while their money sack get filled.

… However, the moment the group woke up in the middle of America; it found itself officially branded a terrorist group, along with other four terror group, by our country’s nation, nationalities and people. As the people of Ethiopia are becoming aware that the group is not only in the business of terrorism, but it also lackey for foreign forces that want to disintegrate and weaken our country, it is marginalized by the people including the ones living abroad.    

In order to cover its failure, just like the Eritrea regime is doing through ‘Eri TV’, its spewing bogus propaganda through ‘ESAT’ sitting from America. I think this is why after waging an insult campaign against Ato Redwan Hussien, it was seen magnifying this botched mafia style by lavishing praise on the scoundrels as heroes and claiming “nobody will no more be safe (from insults)” - Desperation at its worst. All in all, as any reader of this article understands, the insult tantrum that was showered on Ato Redwan Hussien by seven minions of ‘Ginbot 7’ was farcical and illogical. Why? Anyone with sound conscious will find a group of scoundrel threatening a publicly elected official on government business unsettling. Especially looking as how these people are branding non-Tigrayan leader of ‘EPRDF’ as a ‘lackey’, while they work tirelessly to put the country on a renaissance path,  goes out to show how much they are ‘Anti-Ethiopia’ and ‘Anti-Tigray’. As the insults of seven scoundrel of ‘Ginbot 7’ levied on Ato Redwan reflects their group’s position, it’s safe to say that the doctor-terrorist has an agenda, much in the vein of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party, of ethnic cleansing. This clearly shows that if the terrorist-doctor has its way, he won’t back down from destroying Tigrayan people.

In order to serve as evidence to my claim, let me raise one episode where the good-old doctor branded the Tigrayan people as enemy ... it was a time where the terror group reached its climax on spewing bogus propaganda. This is how it went down. At one time they come up with fictiuos novel – a farcical letter that reads “there’s a splintered group from ‘EPRDF’ by the name of ‘EPRDF-D’ (EPRDF democratic); we will disclose their identity soon.” Not only this fictious-novel like letter is signed by unknown person, I’m sure my dear readers will notice that it was sent to some pseudo-journalist politicians for them to circulate it on their parts. As it can be recalled, the letters made their way to people like Tesfaye G/Ab, who is operating to fulfill Shabiya’s disintegration and hatred policy towards our country, Elias Kefle, chief terrorist, and Abe Tokichaw, who after fleeing the country through Kenya is now part of the ‘Ginbot 7’ personal mouth piece ‘ESAT’; so that they can open anti-‘EPRDF’ campaign with it.

Me, the writer of this article, always recalls the ‘EPRDF-D’ farcical child story created by ‘Ginbot 7’.what I remember from it is the strength or creativity of the fiction story, but the shameful racist way they used it to condemn Tigrayan people. The terrorist-racist-doctor said “the coalitions that formed the front (EPRDF) have found it necessary to set up a party that excludes ‘TPLF’ to find freedom (independence).” Dear readers, you should here note that, these people think that excluding TPLF, a leading Tigrayan people party, is a path to “democracy”. We can also look into the ridiculous racial and hateful reports the terror group’s personal mouthpiece ‘ESAT’ disseminate on Tigrayan people and their leading party. As any reader of this article understands, disregarding Tigrayn people’s leading party is the same as disregarding Tigrayan people. However, the historic and gallant people of Tigray have fought the ‘Derg’ regime in order to realize the positive results recorded for the last 23 years in finding peace, development and democratic order to take root, while also being able to set up a groundbreaking establishment that opened the door for young, dynamic and vibrant leaders like Ato Redwan Hussien to come to power.

So, the ‘we don’t want ‘TPLF’ fantasy of ‘Ginbot 7’ not only steal the human and democratic rights of this proud, industrious and gallant people, it also confirms that they won’t back down from destroying the Tigrayan people if they’re afforded the chance and place to do so. So, what should we call the doctor-terrorist and his group? ... The 21st century Adolf Hitler, or the racist doctor? - For me both labeling are one and the same. This is because it shows both the terror group and its leader’s anti-public proclivities clearly. It is coming from this anti-public corner that they scream at democratic forces like the lights of Ato Redwan Hussein and label them as ‘lackey’.  (Dear readers! Mentioning the ‘we’ll send them back from where they came from’ chants heard during a rally staged by ‘Qinijit’, party where the terrorist doctor was leader during election ’97 is enough to show how deep the doctor’s and his minions hatred for Tigrayan people runs).

Of course the racist doctor and his terror organization are not only enemy to Tigrayan people, but to the whole nation, nationalities and people of Ethiopia. For this, let me mention what the good-old doctor did in Cairo at one time… at the time, the now jailed former Egypt President Mohammed Morsi was in power. After the infamous “unintended broadcast” came into play, it did not take long before the leaders of ‘Ginbot 7’ to come running to Cairo – and receive their ‘BANDA’ mission of sabotaging the developmental work of the Grand Renaissance Dam project, which is carried out by the all out participation of the people of Ethiopia.   

It’s my belief that the doctor’s and the group’s move is nothing short of selling Ethiopia in black market – a move both and the law will question. It’s the same as selling more than 80 million people. It’s an act that demean our tradition, values of holding up our unity within our difference that our forefathers passed onto us … This is the extent their obsession with power reaches. Had it not been for the fact that terror group and its “man” are powerless to do anything significant, otherwise their terror aspiration and poison would have hold back our country and its people run to peace, development and democracy – fortunately, all their aspiration have withered into the thin air. President Morsi is in jail; and the terror-in-chief’s regime is on its death bed … Nevertheless, they won’t cease to take ‘BANDA’ missions from other anti-Ethiopian forces – as “it’s not what you say, but what you do” goes. Here, I find it necessary to mention about the Diasporas that were present and those who were not present to see the seven scoundrels of ‘Ginbot 7’ insulting Ato Redwan Hussien. Most of the Diaspora community is not the supporter of ‘Ginbot 7’- as most, either knowingly or unknowingly, have been swindled out of their hard earned money into the terrorist-doctor’s money sack. Although most of the Diaspora community have marginalized the terror group seeing as how there isn’t anything the group will provide them, as far as I can understand the community should further marginalize this ‘BANDA’ group that operates by pinpointing the people and the country as enemy.

Truth be told, any Diaspora should not support this illogical and enemy of the people group. Here, I want to stress one thing with regards to the Diaspora community. That is, hating the terror group does not mean supporting ‘EPRDF’. EPRDF is an organization that’s elected through the consent and will of the people of our country, for its clear and attractive popular political directives. As our country adheres to a multi-party system, if a party comes up with a better and attractive (seductive) policy than the ruling party, then it will have no choice but to give up power. But, country and people are constant and eternal. So, I don’t think hating on the terrorist group ‘Ginbot 7’ actually means marginalizing a terror group that’s enemy to the country and its people; it doesn’t mean supporting ‘EPRDF’.

A Diaspora who’s saying ‘I’ll go back to my country to seize on the good environment that‘s ensuing back home, so that I’ll benefit both myself and my country’, will surely not support this squad of misfits. I don’t think it should also get itself involved in the terror group. With regards to this, indifference is not advisable. The terror group, for its own leader’s selfish interest, is working to sell its country and people, and is a ‘BANDA’ lackey that works together with the enemies of Ethiopia that aims to disintegrate and weaken our country.

On top of this, the group also works to shut out the Diaspora. So, understanding that no good will come out from an enemy of a country and people, the Diaspora community should wave ‘adios’ to the likes of Dr. Berhanu and exclude itself from heir sinister workings. So, moving away from the squads of misfits, the community should be concerned about its country and its own people, by basing its action on the correct information, which can be gotten from the Ethiopian people and government. And the government on its part should spread the truth to the Diaspora, so that they can’t be manipulated by the bogus propaganda of the terrorist-doctor and his minions.

I think conducive environment should be set up for the community for them to find a way to help their country and benefit themselves. The government should meet face to face with the Diaspora in a regular manner, and enlighten them about our country’s all encompassing development that’s been taken as a benchmark by many. In order to expose the terror group’s bogus propaganda, the government should also host the Diasporas for them to see the miraculous work being done with their own eyes.

Of course many of the Diaspora community who are concerned about their country’s path to renaissance have condemned and showed their disgust against the insults thrown at Ato Redwan in various social Medias. And they should be thanked for this as it is to be expected from any sane person. Reasonable mind cannot accept irrational anti-public gang – as the terrorist doctor’s thinking is improper and desperately rude. Generally, the terror group ’Ginbot 7’ way is of carnage and disintegration rather than peace; ethnic cleansing rather than upholding nation, nationalities and people’s right; ‘BANDA’ lackeying rather than love for country; and empty scream politics rather than clear and concise political directives. So, any Ethiopian should wave ‘Adios’ and marginalize the group.

Of course waving ‘Adios’ to the terror-doctor and his group; who marginalized by our country nation, nationalities and people for their antics are on their death beds, is an additional work needed to open a bright future for our country. ‘Adios’ ‘Ginbot 7’…

Shabiya paid mercenaries insulting H.E. Mr. Redwan Hussein, head of Ethiopia's communication affairs.

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