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Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque says King of Axum saved Islam

Tigrai Online, March 17, 2016

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb

The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb said the first Muslims were protected by Axumite Emperor Armaha the second.

The Grand Imam speaking to the German Parliament, the Bundestag reiterated if it wasn't for Emperor Armaha of Axum Islam as a religion would have been destroyed by the rulers of Mecca at that time. "Christianity was the first to provide sanctuary for Islam; without Abyssinia and its Christian king who protected the first Muslims, Islam would have been destroyed in its cradle,” he told the German Parliament.


The Grand Imam is referring to migration of 108 Muslims including the Prophet Muhammad's daughter and uncle to Axum.  The migration era is known as the first Hegira, where the Prophet Muhammad's first followers the Sahabah were forced to flee their homeland, Mecca because they were persecuted by the kings of Quraysh of Mecca in present day Saudi Arabia. The first Muslims crossed the Red Sea to seek refuge in the Christian Kingdom of Aksum, present-day Tigrai State in northern Ethiopia. The kings of Quraysh tried everything including sending gifts of gold and other precious things to Emperor Armaha to compel him to side with them. They pleaded with him to send the Arab refugees back home explaining the new religion is against the nature of Christ but, the wise king questioned both sides and he denied the Quraysh’s request, rejected their gifts and granted the early Muslims asylum in Tigrai.

The Arab Muslim refugees were settled in the heart of the Axumite Kingdom present day Wukro, Kilte Awlaelo, Tigrai State in northern Ethiopia. The Prophet Muhammad told his followers go to Habasha, the just king of Axum will protect you.

Some of the Muslim refugees from Mecca died in Tigrai and they are buried at the most historical mosque in Wukro KilteAwlaelo.

There are some corrupted pronunciations of people and place names. The name of the Emperor who granted asylum to the Muslim refugees is one of the names confusing people. His name was Armaha Gebremiskel Kaleb not Negashi, not Ashama ibn Abjar, or Ashama they are all mispronunciations or misunderstandings. The Ashama name is driven from his war name Alla Tsahama/Cheham. There is a monastery by the same name “Enda Abba Tsahama” about 35 km south of the city of Adwa. The other misconception is that he was converted to Muslim that is also completely false, the Emperor never converted to Muslim. Some mistakenly say the Axumite monarch’s name was Nejashi, but this mistake comes from the Geez or Tigringa title for a king”Nugus” or Negassi meaning he who will be a king a very common name in Tigrai.

Negash-Nejashi Mosque in Ethiopia, Tigrai

Emperor Armaha is the son of Emperor Gebremeskel and grandson of Emperor Kaleb of Axum. Some Ethiopian historians purposely try to hide the location of this historical Mosque or other historical places in Ethiopia. While over glorifying the lesser historical places in Ethiopia, they minimize the most significant geological sites found in Tigrai. The funny thing is these pseudo racist historians love to brag about the history of Tigrai as their own, but they are afraid to say those over 2000 years old historical sites are found 100% in Tigrai.

We are glad the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar told the truth. The fake history is exposed and the true history is being told by the people who know it better.

Negash-Nejashi Mosque in Wukro, Tigrai

Tigrai is the yoke of the Ethiopian nation and it is an integral part of modern day Ethiopia, but we as a people are rejecting those who are telling us sit quietly, and we will tell you your own history making it perfectly fit to our fairytales.


Every ethnic and tribe in Ethiopia have their own history and there is no one that knows better than the owners. All Ethiopians should be allowed to tell their history themselves regardless of any consequences. All prevous governments including the EPRDF government have been and still are suppressing the history of Tigrai. The reason for that is, it will disrupt the unity of the country. We think the unity of Ethiopia should not be based on a lie. The unity of our country should be based in our willingness to live together because we have many things in common and we are all better and stronger as a nation if we remain together. History should be one hundred percent pure and true and it should not be hijacked by shortsighted tribal crooks who wanted to glorify their own inferior history.

mawlid 2015 celebration in Negash Mosque, in the village of Negash 10kms outside the city of Wukro Klite Awlaelu, Tigrai with guests from all over Ethiopia

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