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Why Abiy Ahmed’s property party should not be held accountable today than tomorrow?

By Amlest Tesfay
Tigrai Online May 28, 2020

According to the BBC news published today, the Prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu faced trial on charges of corruption. He was accused of receiving gifts mainly Cigars, bottles of Champagne and for bribery, fraud and breach of trust. If the accusations are proved to be true, he will be forced to stepdown.

Well, can this be a good example to the Ethiopian justice system? The Ethiopian prosperity party (PP) led by Colonel Abiy Ahmed had committed hundreds of crimes. One does not have to be a lawyer to prove PP’s crimes. PP had testified its own crimes on a number of occasions.

After the PP greedily held power, many people have been killed all over Ethiopia. Young Ethiopian university students have been held hostage. However, PP had never held any of the culprits accountable.

The former PM ‘Hailemariam Desalegn in his interview with a foreign journalist testified that more people had been killed within the past two years of PP’s rule than the previous  27 years in Ethiopia. PP admitted the crimes committed but failed to bring the killers to justice. Here are a few of the well-known crime incidents committed in Ethiopia in the last two years:

The confrontation between Jawar and PP caused the deaths of 85 innocent Ethiopians. PP reported the ethnicities of the people who were killed but pp stated the killer are unknown. No reason was issued for the causes of the incident.


The PM threatened the Sidama people to use Kalashnikovs if they demand a state of their own based on the Ethiopian constitution. As a result, many people died in Sidama with Kalashnikovs and the culprit is still unknown.

A fake documentary film which advocates hate propaganda against the Tigrinya speaking people was made and broadcasted on national Television with the endorsement of PP. PP said the criminals are still unknown.

Chief of staff of the Ethiopian Military forces, General Seare, General Gezae Abera were murdered by their own bodyguard but PP said the murderers are Unknown. General Manager of the GERD, Engineer Simegnew Bekelle was killed. PP mocked Ethiopians by reporting the only one known Killer in the last two years is one person; the person who killed himself.

In a televised speech the PM harassed the Tigrayan youths and the Tigray mothers on how he will kill their kids and burn their houses. Colonel Abiy Ahmed publicly stated that he was preparing for the last two years to commit war crimes if Ethiopians elect their leaders. The culprit is still unknown.

PP’s Corruption: The PP or the opportunistic parasites of the former EPRDF begged money in the name of a poor nation and they consumed the money without any checks and balances.

To give a concrete example, Colonel Abiy Ahmed himself revealed the open secrete at a meeting with the Ethiopian medical professionals in Addis Ababa. He said that he received money from France’s leader and used it for his own team’s consumption. This corruption was committed at a time when Black lion Hospital had a shortage of 1 dollar worth of medical supplies and as a result patients were suffering.

According to Abiy, the money received by PP was 5000,000 dollars (roughly 200, 000,000 birr) from the France’s President last year. The PP consumed all the money they begged within one night at a luxurious hotel in a foreign land. How the money was shared among PP members may require further auditing and investigation. You may also ask, how about the 3 billion dollar received by Abiy from other countries…?

Abiy’s Property party is the root cause of the problem in Ethiopia not Mustafe, Nebiyu Michael or others. The handpicked regional governors are just money and job seekers. However, the main culprit is the person or the team PP who openly violated the Ethiopian constitution by assigning people contrary to the constitution or contrary to the Vote of confidence of the peoples’ of Ethiopia.

Therefore, Mustefe in the Ethio-Somali, and other individuals assigned by Abiy Ahmed to the different regions in Ethiopia are not the main culprits. However, if they do not resign and allow people to vote for their own leaders, then they will be accountable for their own actions.

As Siye Abraha, the wise politician and a military expert reiterated in his interview with the TV Tigray, democratic elections cannot be crimes but elections are constitutional rights. It is the people’s right enshrined within the Ethiopian constitution. No one is entitled to deny or to grant people their constitutional rights.

PP is on its way to be trashed out. If PP denied the constitutional rights of the people to elect their leaders at the due time, then PP members are advised to resign or to defect from their PP positions before it is too late. Or else, they should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions as they were informed by Abiy Ahmed in a closed meeting. People all over the world are extremely upset with the mishandling of the Ethiopian politics, imprisonment of people due to their political and/or ethnic affiliations.

Will the team PP members use Abiy as a Scapegoat? As the Derg members used Mengistu hailemariam as a scapegoat for their own crimes; PP team members may repeat the same mistake. They may use Abiy as a scapegoat. But, make no mistake; Ethiopians are tired of opportunist politicians. You will be responsible for your own actions based on your level of accountability. Or else, you should refrain from the criminal acts of PP. You should abandon PP before it is too late.  

The political opportunists who change their color like a chameleon:  First, they were the Derg regime’s Team. They admitted their mistakes and apologized for their crimes. They demonized the derg and then they became EPRDF members; again they demonized EPRDF and became Prosperity Party members. Will they continue to demonize PP and change their color to become a genuine Federalist Ethiopian again?

You all should know, Ethiopia will not allow you to change your political color for the fourth time like a chameleon. You have already proved your untrustworthiness 3 times. We greatly value people of principle only. However, as a member of the illegal PP you should distance yourselves and apologize before it is too late. Otherwise, you will not have a chance to use Abiy Ahmed as a scapegoat for your own crimes. You’ll be accountable for your own crimes as PP.

There is no accountability and transparency in today’s Ethiopia. But, Should Ethiopians wait for everything to be made clear after a legal and accountable government is elected?  Should we have to wait justice to be made tomorrow rather than today?