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Family consultant in HOPEWALKS International calls on diaspora Tegaru, international NGOs to donate medical items for the pediatric treatment of children in Tigrai

Tigrai Online February 11, 2022
By Mulugeta Belay
Communication and PR Directorate Director

Tigrai mother and child in a hospitalTigrai woman with her injured child

Family consultant in HOPEWALKS International based in Mekelle Hospital Mr. Berihun kebede (Priest) and Mr. Teklay Haile, head of physiotherapy department in Mekelle Hospital together calls on diaspora Tegaru, international NGOs, and international humanitarian organizations to donate medical items to be used for the pediatric treatment of clubfoot children such as braces, straight border shoes(clubfoot or orthopedic shoes), gesso, surgical blades, gloves and other diagnostic items.


The gentlemen explained that there have been four clinics opened with the support of HOPEWALKS International in Mekelle, Maichew, Adigrat and Axum to provide treatment services for pediatric foot deformity/foot deformity in children for hundreds of children coming from every part of Tigrai who are born with clubfoot.

Despite the presence of pediatric orthopedists, the clinics now are forced to stop the service because of lack of medical items resulting from the siege imposed over Tigrai and its people .

Mr. Berihun Kebede recollected that prior to the continued siege, they had been receiving medical items directly from Addis Ababa and thereby managed to treat 1,196 children who have reportedly gone back home healthy.

Mr. Berihun added that currently there are a large number of children hopefully waiting for similar services in all centers. It is also important to know that pediatric treatment begins shortly after birth when the newborn’s foot, including tendons, ligaments, joint capsules and bones are most responsive. The treatment lasts 5 to 8 weeks.


Clubfoot is a condition in which the foot or sometimes both feet are turned inward and are pointing down. Such a condition is apparent immediately at birth, which is known to develop during intrauterine life, at between 9 and 14 weeks gestation. In the clinics are pediatric orthopedists that specialize in this field and do their best to preserve the integrity of the growth plate, allowing continued growth and development of the foot/feet of the beneficiary children.

With this in mind, TDA, on behalf of the clubfoot children, would like to call on all the diaspora Tegaru, international NGOs, and other humanitarian organizations to help donate such items and many thanks for your quick support. Your donation will destine the future of the children in foot deformity.

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